{create} 10 Great Holiday Crafts

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I don't know about you, but the weekend after Thanksgiving is when I let myself start thinking about Christmas: how I'll decorate, gifts I'll purchase, and of course, what crafts I'll create!

Below are 10 holiday diy projects that I LOVE. Some of these I want to make, some I have already made :). But, I hope they give you a little inspiration to create something special this holiday season.

Yarn Wreath

Felt Ball Wreath
Not a tutorial. I know. But, I REALLY want to figure out how to make it.

Felt Flower Wreath

Felt Garland

Glitter Candle Holders

Felt Trees

Popsicle Stick Wreath

Sparkly Gift Tags

Snow Globes

Cork Wreath

Great for Christmas cards! :)

Now, to decide what to make this weekend .....


  1. Great post! I love all of these crafty ideas :)

  2. this is a GREAT post. I especially love the yarn wreath, the glitter candlesticks, your wrapping paper, AND those snow globes! ultra cute. felting balls is really tedious - and i highly suggest wearing gloves...the wool can really tear your hands up! good luck!

  3. Ooh, I LOVE the 'snow globe' idea! So so pretty!

  4. The West Elm wreath is made by felting wool. If you search felted wool balls, you should be able to find exactly how to make it, then just hot glue them onto a wreath!

    Jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  5. I like how you say you 'let' yourself think about Christmas :) I'm the same way... very regimented about my holidays!

    Some great ideas here! I would love to learn how to make felted balls like in the West Elm wreath!

  6. I'm hoping to get my craft on at some point - not sure what it will be yet but I've got lots of ribbon calling my name.

  7. Great collection of fun things to make. You've got my wheels turning. Thank you!

  8. Love these all, but the garland is very tempting. The Snow globes could be a fun project to do with my daughter - thanks for sharing.


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