{create} glam gold vases

I went a little crazy with gold paint this weekend friends. It was glorious. :) Today I'm sharing one of the projects that was the recipient of the gold paint...

Gold vases! 

Do you guys save bottles? I have this crazy kombucha addiction and for some reason I always save the bottles. We have quite a collection :). In fact, many were used earlier this year for my chalkboard vases. I pulled them out this weekend to add a little glam to our thanksgiving decor.

(ps. Sorry about the picture quality in this post .... they are all iphone photos. My camera went in for a much needed pre-holiday cleaning :)

Start with a clean, dry glass bottle.

Tape your design. You can see the striped vase in the background. For the gold squares, I taped the entire bottle, and then cut the shapes with a steak knife. I'm sure that was great for the knife. If you try this at home, use a blade :).

Peel off your cutouts and then make sure the tape is secure around the shapes edges.

For the white inside, pour in a little oil-based primer or paint. I used oil-base because I want to put water in the vase after it's dry. And, I've learned from experience that water-base paint will come off in water :).

(Do you see how sunny and bright out it was yesterday! Beautiful!)

Swirl the paint around in the bottle until the whole inside is coated. Pour out the remaining paint.

Last, spray the entire bottle with gold spray paint. After the paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape.

On the brown bottles, I free-handed designs with a gold paint pen that was leftover from my mirror project.

Unfortunately, the inside paint wasn't completely dry this morning, so I don't have any fully-styled pics for you. Come back Wednesday though, to see my fully styled, glam thanksgiving table.

I am completely loving gold right now, and I'm am so excited for the little bit of glam these will bring to the table, but also to our home year round. Of course these will find a way into my Christmas decor too :).


  1. oh my goodness! I love this! You're so creative! my wheels are already turning...

  2. What a great project! Call me crazy, but I'm really digging gold accents lately. The 80's must be back!! :)

  3. You always have the most insanely creative ideas! Love this, guess you knew when you started collecting those bottles that you would find a clever use for them...


  4. Great ideas! Looking forward to the end result of your tablescape!

    Myers Maison

  5. Very nice. I'll be tuning in for the final photos.

    I'd love to try this for some Christmas decor. I'm going with a blue and purple and silver scheme this year, so I'll use silver instead of gold. I hope the results are as pretty as yours.

    I love kombucha, too. You should try making your own. Let me know if you want a good recipe.

  6. So cool. Love all your different patterns and shapes. So fun to see them all together.

  7. these look AWESOME!! really!! My fav is the white+gold ones!


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