{create} new years resolutions

Does anyone else find it a little hard to pick up where you left off after the holidays? How was your NYE? Our weekend was so amazing! It was incredibly hard to come back to work - and real life - yesterday :).
Let's talk about new year resolutions. Do you make them? I used to make a long list of everything I wanted to do/change in a year, and then I'd promptly forget about it around February. Not the point, right? But I'm a believer not only setting goals, but publicly declaring them. It keeps me more accountable. So last year I set only two resolutions: to be more spontaneous and to take risks. It was the perfect number. I remembered them. I thought of them when situations arose. And, I feel like I achieved them. I took a couple big risks that were WAY out of my comfort zone. And, I was a little more spontaneous. In all honesty, I am still working on this, but I made good headway last year. Baby steps, right? :)

So this year I have two new resolutions.

1. Take better photos

I'm excited about this resolution. I absolutely love and am so inspired by the images people create. I want to learn to not only capture a scene, but to capture a feeling.  

2. Get healthy

This one I'm not as excited about, but I am determined. I have trouble talking about this, so I usually don't. I have this crazy type A personality that hates to admit that I might not be able to handle somethings. I've been diagnosed (a couple times) with pretty severe Adrenal Fatigue, aka burnout. Basically I'm exhausted all the time, and my body just needs time to heal. I've been working through it for about three years and was doing really well earlier this year. Since I was feeling so awesome, I climbed a mountain and walked a marathon within a month of each other. Friends, that was a bad idea. The last couple months have seen me almost back to square one. Really disappointing. 

What I've failed to realize is I am a huge part of the solution - sounds like an after school special, right? I have to take things easy for awhile. I have to say no sometimes. I can't take it all on. This is where my type A crazy personality kicks in. It occurred to me, though, that if I'd taken the diagnosis seriously three years ago, I would be fine now. Instead I'm still frustrated and .... exhausted! So this is the year that I'm taking back my health. I can't live the life I imagine if I'm being pulled down by my health. It might be a slower year, but my hopes are that it will be a year filled with things that nourish me and make me happy. And, who knows. Maybe I'll love a little slower pace of life?

What are your resolutions for the year? Do you like to set lots of goals, or keep it simple? Do you follow through on your resolutions?


  1. Looks like you're off to a good start with the photography! I like the vase.

    I set one really basic goal - Drink more water. Floss regularly. Put clothes away before bed, not draped on (ever-growing) pile on back of chair. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. This year, I'm really hoping to get back into the swing of exercise - it's been a long time and I'm not sure where to start. Last year I started training for a half marathon but then got a stress fracture (and months of PT) so I'm hoping to make it through this year. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. We'll have to help each other with the photography goal for 2012!
    Your get healthy goal is a very positive one Jenn and taking it easy, saying no, and being serious about it all sounds like a good start. Keep sharing here and we'll keep encouraging you to stick to it, that's what blog friends are for right?!!!

  3. I'm totally in on the taking better photos! Working on that one for sure:) My other is to send cards... I love personal notes!

  4. You are important my friend, so taking care of yourself is #1 - the rest can wait - but taking it easy and saying no is really great way to start. I used to over commit a lot and it's been a lot easier to say no now that we have a child. And I hope to get some photography tips from you! I'm trying to get better.

  5. I would like to learn to take better pictures too. I just got a new camera for Christmas, but I don't know anything about it really. I need to learn!

  6. Purpose. That's my word for this year.

  7. These are awesome resolutions! I need to start taking better pics too.


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