{holiday} tree!

A little blog business before we begin! Don't forget to enter the Anthro gift card giveaway. I'll be announcing the recipient first thing Friday morning :).

Now, want to see our tree? 
I'm here to show you, but first, a couple disclaimers.
  1. I have no idea how to take pictures of trees. For some reason, every year I'm at a loss.
  2. After I took this photos and brought them to work to upload, I realized that I don't actually have our tree topper in place. This, sadly, is indicative of how this season is going.
So, with that intro, do you still want to see our tree? :) 

Ta-da! We kept the tree SUPER simple this year. We usually fill it with ornaments from each of our pasts, but this year, to keep with the rustic glam theme, we simply adorned it with a couple of garlands, red and white balls and gold balls. 

To compliment the book snowflakes, I made a paper chain garland out of books. It ties the mantle in nicely with the tree.

Making an appearance again this year is the red felt circle garland I made for last year's tree.

Overall, I can't decide. Chris LOVES the simple, more rustic tree. The sentimental side of me really misses the rest of our ornaments. A few might just make their way onto the tree before all is said and done :).

What do you guys think about tree decor? Do you keep it simple? Do you fill the tree with years and years of memories? Do you theme your tree each year?
I am linking up with the Tree Party at Thrifty Decor Chick. You better believe I'll be pinning lots of these beautiful trees simply for inspiration and instruction on how to take tree photos!


  1. I love, love your simple rustic glam tree! The best part is the chain garland, it makes the tree so pretty!! I really mean that, some trees can be over the top and too much, but yours is perfect! Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick!

  2. Lovely! You did a great job, and I love the paper chain garland! Very creative :)


  3. Jeen!! your tree is so lovely!! the garland is great! you're very artist ;D

  4. I know some people change the look of their trees every year with a different theme. I always do the same. Red and red & white balls, Hallmark ornaments I've collected over the years and the white wooden ornaments my grandfather carved.

  5. First, have you always had a favicon? I feel like that is new or I just never noticed it but leaning toward new - I love it! And I think your tree is so pretty and I love the chain link garland. Garland is one thing we're missing this year, but there's still time so maybe I'll cook something up. I keep it super traditional and use all of the ornaments from growing up. Maybe someday when we have a bigger house I'll have a second tree that I can theme up each year or just do something fun with.

  6. I don't know how people afford to change up the look of their Christmas tree every year. I think yours looks great! Simple and fun is the way to go--we have enough stress this time of year!

  7. I like your tree! the felt garland is really cute.
    I am just like you. The design side of me wants a thematic tree, but I can't NOT put up my sentimental ornaments. I usually do my entire tree in the theme I want, then place a couple special ones very sporadically as not to take away from the overall scheme!

  8. I go old school. This is actually the first year I've gotten my own tree, since my parents' is so grand, but they have the same idea: cut it down yourself, lots of lights, lots of sentimental ornaments, no theme, retire those you don't care about anymore (which is basically where I got all of the ornaments for my tree - my parents' castoffs!)

  9. I love seeing trees that have paper chains on them. Adorable.

  10. The recycled garland is incredible! Love your tree!

  11. So pretty Jen! Your place is so cozy! YAY for the holidays. And I can't take photos of trees either - boo!


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