{inspired} new artists + a winner (!)

As I mentioned in my Monday's Portland Bazaar post, I actually got to attend TWO awesome craft/artisan fairs last weekend. The other was Crafty Wonderland. I posted about it last year, so this year I decided to share with you some of the awesome artists I *discovered*.  These were my favorite from the event, and I hope you find someone you love out of the group too!

Girls Can Tell
Actually dissect things via art. I was super impressed with this clever concept and love seeing everything from unicorns to the brain to vintage noise makers dissected and labeled.

Slide Sideways
Slide Sideways creates quirky awesome posters. You all know how much I love those :).

Dan Stiles
A local artist/graphic designer that does amazing show posters. The poster above is one of the only things we bought at the show this year. Oh, and in case you're wondering why this looks nothing like my usual style? Sometimes marriage is a compromise :).

This shop stole my heart. The fabrics she uses are amazing and I immediately added her bags and pillows to my with list.

And now, for the giveaway winner!

THANK YOU to all who entered! I had such a fun time reading about your holiday traditions, and I loved to see other people both enjoying reading them and getting ideas for their families :).

We had 41 people enter, and random.org chose #7.

#7 is Sarah, from Flourish, Design and Style.

 Sarah's favorite tradition is :
How sweet of you! My favorite tradition just started last year..my 4 + 5 years olds each get a little christmas tree in their rooms. On the weekends when we visit stores to do our holiday shopping they each pick out ornaments for their tree's.. they are sure filling up this year! And they remember where they came from, who we may have been visiting ( grams )so it's alot of fun for them! x Sarah

Congratulations Sarah! And, thank you again to all who not only entered, but read this blog. You guys are the best :). 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lucky you, looks like some great shows in your neck of the woods! That bag is to die for. And you are so right on about the compromise aspect of marriage, I actually like that poster! In my house compromise means no floral fabric patterns!!!!


  2. More Etsy faves!! Thanks Jenn! Need to treat myself to something real soon. Have a great weekend!


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