{inspired} Mood Board Monday

Happy Monday friends!

I'm so bummed I couldn't post on friday -- especially after I was trying to hard to get back into the swing of things. But a food poisoning + downed Internet combo did me in at the end of the week. BUT, food poisoning is GONE (thank goodness!) and the Internet is fixed, so I'm back with one of my favorite -- Mood Board Monday

Do you guys know why I love this link party so much? It always, always, pushes me out of my comfort zone, design-wise. This month our lovely host, Sarah, chose a few pairs of John Robshaw fabrics to design a room around. I think John Robshaw fabrics are beautiful, but they aren't fabrics/patterns I've ever thought of using in my own home. It was fun - and hard! - to complete this challenge, but as always, I'm so glad I did!

I've been dreaming of outdoor rooms lately. While I LOVE our backporch and the way we're choosing to use it, I really want to create a space to lounge outside. It's hard to lounge at a dining room table :). So for this Mood Board Monday, I created an outdoor living room space.

1. First, I started with a large sectional sofa. Don't those thick cushions look so comfy?! I also love the black wicker. It is a nice background to the fun bright cushion colors.
2. I would also add into two big cozy chairs to complete a seating arrangement.
3. To add a little color - and block the sun - I've added a huge umbrella. Custom-made with John Robshaw Jajam Brinjal fabric.
4. Pillows! They add so much life to this space! There's a John Robshaw Jajam Brinjal (to complement the umbrella) and Algiers Lotus fabrics. There's a black and white fabric, to add a graphic punch, and a lovely dot pillow as well.
5. The coffee table in the space doubles as an outdoor fireplace! This might be my favorite part -- you can turn it on when the weather cools and it creates light, ambiance and heat. Plus, you can roast s'mores! :)
6. Potted plants really help bridge the connection between the yard and the outdoor space.
7. A small side table is great for drinks, plant and candles.
8. A large basket holds a number of blankets to cuddle up in. Here I've chosen a purple, grey striped and cream throw.
9. Lastly, what outdoor space is complete without twinkle lights? :)


  1. Ahh I could curl right up and read a book with a cold beverage at my side! Great space!

  2. Hi Jenn! Sorry to hear that you were down with food poisoning, ouch and ughh! Glad you are better and that your creativity did not suffer... this is a delightful outdoor space, LOVE the idea of a custom umbrella! And the fireplace, so cool (or warm, depending on how you look at it!)
    How is the kitchen coming along...???!!!

  3. Gasp! An outdoor lounge?! Say what, this is awesome!!! Totally would never have thought to tackle something like this or that it could be so fun! Psyched that you decided to go for the pink and purple fabrics, I wouldn't to push myself with them too but then ended up chickening out:) BTW, you did a great job mocking them up into the pillows and umbrella - great minds think alike;) Is that seriously a coffee table with like a fire pit inside?! Heaven. And why didn't I invent that already myself. I looooooooove Smores. Like I can't eat less than 4 every time we have them, which is not often enough for me. I need that table!!!! I really love both those planters and that side table that you picked. This is such a wonderful space. Thanks for playing along again, Jenn! I always can't wait to see what gorgeousness you come up with:)

    PS. Food poisoning? That sucks! I'm so glad you are feeling better.

  4. So beautiful! I don't normally gravitate to purple, but this doesn't feel too sweet or precious. Well done!

  5. Pour the sangria! Jenn this might be my favorite that you've ever done - it's awesome! I love the idea of an outdoor room. Everything looks very lounge-worthy and comfortable - job well done my friend. And glad to hear you're feeling better - that is no fun.

  6. An outdoor room? I would have never have thought of that but this "room" is PERFECT! I love the mix of cozy with the blankets and pillows and the sleek concrete planters and fire pit!! My kind of space indeed!! Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Oo I love your outdoor lounge! I just want to grab a Pimms and chill out there. Nice job!


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