{inspire} driftwood and souvenirs

I haven't yet shown you the souvenir that came home with me from the Salmon River. It's more unique and um, natural, than most souvenirs :).

One of the most beautiful pieces of driftwood I've ever seen. We were sitting around one more waiting for our guides to pack up (yeah, it was a tough trip ;), when I spied this beauty under a nearby tree. You guys, it's so smooth. And has so much character! I couldn't leave it behind. So it spent the next three days securely traveling down river in my day dry bag :).

I feel like every line and swirl tells a story about this wood's journey down the mighty rushing river.

So, what does one DO with a small-ish piece of driftwood? Friends, I have NO IDEA! I've been scouring my favorite online sources and have discovered some amazing driftwood pieces.

I could turn it into a sign of sort. Hello on the back porch?

I could create a beautiful tablescape.

I could turn it into an interesting and functional piece of wall art. Although, it would kill me to paint it right now, so this might be an option down the road.

I could hang it on the wall. Although, it's much smaller than the ones pictured here, so maybe incorporate it into our gallery wall?

What do you guys think? What would you do with a piece of driftwood? And, have you ever come home with a more "natural souvenir"? Do you have driftwood anywhere in your home?


  1. Girl, I LOVE it! Did you see our recent driftwood project? Here's the link. http://www.mapleleavessycamoretrees.com/2012/07/you-can-cross-that-bad-boy-off-list.html

    I so love natural souvenirs. And I totally think you should keep it as is and put it in a vignette on a tablescape. You don't know how happy this makes me!! I'm so excited other people collect cool finds like this:) YAY!

  2. Wow, that's beautiful! I would either display it on a table or mantle. Maybe even hang it on a wall in a shadow box or just put an empty frame around it.

  3. I remember that I brought a piece of driftwood home (not nearly as lovely as yours) and I was planning on just using it on a coffee table or something like that...but every time I set it down, Roxann thought it was one of her sticks. And since it was from the beach, she loved the extra salty taste.

    Maybe attached it an empty frame on a wall? And I just read Lauren M's comment--hahah! Or put in on a larger plate with a couple candles? I love the wood/candle/natural vibe

  4. That is a seriously gorgeous piece of driftwood! I say put it up on the gallery wall or grab an acrylic plate stand and put it on a shelf!

  5. It looks like it has a bit of a natural concave to it and would make a gorgeous piece for a table. Great find; I love how unique each piece of driftwood is.

  6. That is so beautiful! I would love to hear it's story of the swirls and turns!

  7. Can you take a picture of it next to something that would give us an idea of its actual size?

  8. That's a fantastic piece of driftwood. I have a few that I've collected - love the amazing texture driftwood gets - and they're just sitting on the windowsill of my sadly neglected and undecorated guest bathroom. I do think it could look lovely on a bookshelf, though.

  9. I can't tell from your photo but if it's narrow or flat enough you could try to mount it as a shelf. I have an Etsy seller somewhere in my favorites that sells driftwood shelves and they are really cool. It's awesome Jenn - what a great souvenir. You should write the date on it somewhere really small so you remember the date you found it and where. It's such a great conversation piece too. It would be fine just to sit on a table or shelf too.

  10. i looove drift wood and since we live on a lake i collect interesting pieces here and there... but i still have no idea what to do with them so they just sit in random spots around my living room :-) someday i'll get a little more creative.

    (also, that last picture credited to jenna sue should actually be credited to holly at In the Fun Lane.)

  11. Awesome piece of drifwood. I found a full-size tree in VA that I would've loved to bring home with me last spring, ha. But instead I brought a big bag (1/2 my suitcase full) of small driftwood pieces and made my garland.

    When I saw this amazing gem of yours, I totally saw a face with the mouth and eye facing left, tongue sticking out, and long crazy hair flying in the wind behind it. I like the idea of hanging it just like that in your gallery wall. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  12. You are so luck to find such a beautiful piece of driftwood! You could do so much with it (pinterest)

    I would hang it on the wall. I would get nervous putting it on the coffee table.


  13. What a beautiful piece. In a strange way, it kind of looks like a fish to me! Wouldn't it be cool to fill all the little nooks and crannies with a bit of sand colored concrete (or other filling) and then finish the whole thing with glossy polyurethane? Then use it as a key bowl or a little dish for trinkets on a dresser or console table. Or put your jewelry in it at the end of the day. That sounds like a fun little project!


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