{create} 2013 resolutions

Friends, let's talk about resolutions -- about what we hope for 2013. For the past couple years, I've set a couple larger, bigger picture goals for the start of the new year. I've found that making a long list of things I want to accomplish usually just stresses me out. Last year my two goals were to learn to take better photos and to improve my health. My health was a huge priority this year and I'm happy to report that I'm feeling great! The best I've felt in a couple years. I also worked quite a bit on photography. I admittedly have a long way to go, but it was nice to push myself to learn this year.

When I reflect back on 2012, as we all tend to do this time of year, I have very mixed feelings. To say that 2012 was a mixed bag of emotions is an understatement. There are definite highlights, including two amazing vacations - Italy and Salmon River rafting, a kitchen remodel and a fantastic new job for me! But see, I worked for the first 10 months in a pretty horrible job that had me stressed out around the clock, not sleeping and the not so occasional tears. And although I LOVE our kitchen, it took a lot of time away from our family and friends, created complete chaos in our home and has left us both a little weary of big renovation projects. 

This weekend Chris and I talked a lot about what we'd like from 2013 and the big overwhelming goal we both have is to take it easy. Now, I need to preface this by letting you know we're both very Type A overachievers and this is a REALLY hard goal for us. We decided that we aren't going to tackle a big renovation this year (ahem, bathroom), but we're instead going to focus on this little things: finishing the kitchen, reorganizing our life, going to garage sales on the weekends, inviting friends over for dinner, heading to the beach for family weekends and just generally enjoying life. I have a very difficult time with balance. If I see a free weekend in our future, I'll fill it up. But this year I want to learn to relax and just take what life throws at us. 

What does this mean for this little blog? My hope is that this new attitude will free up a lot of time for me to be more creative and tackle smaller projects that I've put off -- making a headboard, sewing a slip cover for a new ottoman/coffee table, new curtains for the bedroom. I have a huge list, so please don't think my "taking it easy" means taking a year off. :)

Friends, what is something that you'd like to accomplish this year? How did you feel about 2012? Did you have a good year? Are you ready for it to be over? I love how each new year feels like a fresh start. 


  1. Congratulations on all you have accomplished this year! And I look forward to you smaller projects in 2013! Perhaps I can copy a few of them in my home! Love to you and Chris!

  2. Friend, I love this! You and Chris will be so successful, I know it! For me...2012 was way too rollercoaster-y. I'm looking forward to accomplishing great goals, but doing it with a lot less stress and chaos. This year, 2013, I will own it, it will not own me! Love you!

  3. I think the biggest goal Mitch and I have is to completely finish our renovation...2012 was crazy...with way too many projects going on at the same time. Here's to a calmer, more relaxed year ahead! Let's both enjoy the fruits of our labor and not keep looking toward the next big project:)

  4. You guys deserve it! I love reading your blog, big or "little" projects! Happy New Years!

    PS - I have to point out the fact that we are both Jenn's, married to Chris', with DIY blogs!

  5. Big kudos to you Jenn for going back and reflecting on your year and setting some great goals for 2013 - I'm going to take some of your energy and I'll throw some of my ways over to you (I'm very content staying home, relaxing, etc). I love to get out and experience new things, but preferably in the nicer weather. That kitchen reno is a huge undertaking, but the way you've reflected the experience through your blog posts has been quite positive (which I'm sure it has been although with some stress) - think about that as a huge accomplishment that many people have never done and never will do (Like me!). So anyway, high fives and I can't believe another year has passed - how did that happen?

  6. You guys really did have a big year! That kitchen remodel was a huge undertaking it seems.

    I feel like ours was very up and down for me. The wedding was so wonderful, but there is so much chaos that comes from wedding planning and post-wedding cleanup.
    I'm just trying to get into a more normal groove this year, and instead of resolutions I'm focusing on smaller goals, month by month. January is the month of finishing half-done tasks, no matter how old. Oh, and we're going to Italy in the spring!! Off to re-read your Italy posts. :)

  7. I so, so hear you on remodeling! It takes SO MUCH out of people. We are resting as well in 2013 when it comes to big projects. Hooray for little projects:)! Happy 2013, friend!

  8. Jenn now that you have a new kitchen you two deserve to take some time to enjoy new things and tackle those rewarding smaller projects! Your post today about organizing and purging is what I'm talkin' about...a huge sense of accomplishment accompanies work like that. For me that paves the way to feeling organized and on top of things allowing me to take the time to enjoy. I hope 2013 has less stress and more fun for both of you!!!


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