{2012} A Home in the Making

Did you all have a great Christmas?? I hope it was lovely and spent with great family and/or friends. We had an amazing holiday - we are so blessed with incredible family and friends who we spent the weekend with - just laughing and eating and generally enjoying :). I am dying to show you a couple of the more home-related gifts we received. I need to snap some photos, so hopefully I'll have those ready to show off next week :).

In the meantime though, I thought we'd take a look at what's been happening here at A Home in the Making over the last year. I did a post like this last year, and just love looking back to see what's been accomplished around here -- before we move ahead with what we hope to accomplish next year. I hope you enjoy taking a quick look back also!


In January we showed you what we gifted my parents - a gallery wall! And then we showed you how to install one of your own. Ps. A year later, this gift caused me much stress -- it was such a great gift I didn't know how to beat it this year. Yes, I'm slightly competitive and completely type a! :)


In February I took a close look at the living room and determined it need an update. A pillow update, to be exact. You all helped me pick a direction, I purchased a couple new pillows and even made an ombre one of my own! 


In March, I finished one of the most laborous "craft" projects to date - our bedroom's twig pendant. We also found a screaming deal on a wall mounted microwave/oven, which kicked off our kitchen remodel!


In April, we took a look at green, blue and white kitchen color schemes. Inspired by those colors schemes, I updated a pair of tired cafe chairs with a sassy lime green.


May officially kicked off the kitchen remodel madness. I showed you the million ideas we were throwing around, we talked about the reasons behind the complete remodel (while the kitchen looked nice in photos, it was a hot mess), and then we DEMOED!


In June, we knocked out the wall between the kitchen and the living room, we dry walled the kitchen, and we attempted to refinished the original hardwoods, which led to the most commented on and most controversial post to date - whether we should paint the wood floors. On a non kitchen related note,  I went to the Haven Conference! And, posted about everything I learned from that weekend.



In August I got you all update-to-date with our back porch renovation, a project we work on here and there when we have time. The update included our gorgeous pendant lights. In kitchen news, we installed our cabinets and our counters.


In September, we installed our kitchen sink and a good portion of the trim. I also launched a new series called Fall Favorites that featured some of my favorite bloggers sharing their favorite things about fall.


In October, we went to Italy!!  It was amazing. Duh. And in kitchen news, because clearly the kitchen dominated the blog this year, we painted the floors.


In  November, I celebrated this blog's 500th post! In almost equaling exciting news, we built a pantry and could finally move all of our kitchen stuff our of the living room! 


In December, with my living room assembled after 6 months of chaos, I decorated for Christmas with a gold and white color scheme. We also took a look at the newly updated nook, complete with a navy blue ceiling

Friends, it really has been quite a year, both personally and on this blog. Clearly, the "project of the year" was the kitchen remodel. The majority of our time was spent on this project, but I feel like I was able to complete a few other great projects to round out the blog content and not make this solely a kitchen blog! I am so excited for 2013. I'll be back either tomorrow or Monday with resolutions and a peak about what's in store in this space for next year.

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  1. You did quite a bit during this year! I think the twig pendant is my favorite, and the kitchen of course! Happy New Year!


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