{inspired} Holiday Wish List

Considering it's the holiday season, I thought I'd share a couple things that I would love to see appear under the tree this Christmas!

basket. I just love this. I think it would function so well in a number of rooms in our house.

steam mop. Even I can't believe this is on my wish list. But I think my least favorite chore is cleaning our hardwoods, which now cover our entire first floor. The vacuum does a great job, but actually getting down on my hands and knees and cleaning the floors just doesn't happen as much as it should.

this is oregon poster. I featured these earlier this year and would LOVE to see one hanging in our home.
pig bookends. Just because I love them. So darling.

iphone dock/speakers. Again, for the kitchen. I'd really love a way to charge our phones and play music with better speakers. We always have music on and the phone speaker isn't the greatest!

hobnail glasses. Because now that I have glass cabinets in my new kitchen, I need to not have our pint glasses with hot rod logos showing through.
school house clock . I've been drooling over the clock forever and think it would be amazing in our new kitchen. Oh and in case you were wondering "new kitchen" might be a theme through this wish list.

gold wallet. Love this wallet. Cute on it's own or in my bag :)

I'll be back next week with a Portland-specific holiday guide. There are so many talented people around here, I think they deserve their own post. 

My question for you today, is if you could have just ONE thing this Christmas, friends, what would it be?


  1. One thing? A fancy pants Vitamix so that I can start the new year off by eating healthy!!!
    PS LOVE that basket and the hobnail glasses would be great in your glass cabinets!

  2. Yeah, a steam mop would be nice to have. Wonder how this one performs...I've gotten mixed reviews on the Shark one. Love the rest of the stuff on your list!

  3. Nothing wrong with practical gifts i.e. the steam mop. Hopefully you get it and will give us a review!

    My wish list post is scheduled for next week! One thing on it is an apple time capsule. I take waaaayyy too many photos to not have a backup :-\

  4. I hope you get the steam mop because I want to know how well it works! I hate to clean but I think I might enjoy it a little more if I had a new toy to clean with! If I could have one thing it would be an iPad- it would be so much easier to travel with as compared to a big laptop!

  5. Of course you need some new things for the kitchen - especially for those pretty glass cabinets. I've always wanted some glass cabinets or a hutch just so I can display some dish ware and glasses. Mmmm...the one thing I would love is a pair of slippers (and my hubby is sick of hearing me talk about them - ha!). My feet are ALWAYS cold and I decided that a good pair of slippers will help warm them up. That gold wallet is really pretty though - I'd love to get a little trinket that is unexpected like that.

  6. I am crossing my fingers you get that sweeeet Oreck - I am dying to know what you think about it! I'm thinking it should be on my list too! And everything else on your list, I'd happily welcome into my home too:).

  7. Those glasses landed under my Christmas tree a few years ago--I love them. And, shockingly, I'm tempted by that steam mop too!!=)


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