{inspire} restorations

In real life I have the opportunity this spring to work with two very amazing properties here in Oregon. I'm inspired every time I visit, and hope they'll inspire you too!

The first is the Cannery Pier Hotel. Formerly a working cannery, it's now a beautiful hotel. With completely amazing rooms. I love that they took a dilapidated historic building and turned it into a destination.

And who could overlook the jaw-dropping views of the Columbia River? In every room. Love the chairs, and the rug. The rooms are designed with the beach in mind, without being over the top cliche *beachy*. The colors are soothing and pull from the views.


 The bathrooms are to die for. I'll take a glass of wine, this tub and the view right now, thank you.

Next door, is the Loft at the Red Building. And, I might ask, where was this when I was planning a wedding? This building is perfection. And not just because of the views. Although, those don't hurt.
Also a former run-down cannery, the building has been beautifully restored.

Just look at the wood. And the exposed ceilings. And ooh. Those floors. I drool each time I walk in.

This, my friends, is an amazing lesson in conservation and restoration. The results speak for themselves, and I wish more people would restore old buildings, rather than demolishing. This world would have that much more character, don't you think?


  1. Cool - My Mother was an interior designer..

    Enjoyed my visit..


  2. I love love LOVE that last building. Why can't we have awesome stuff like that with the amazing water views in DFW? Grr!

  3. Gorgeous!! I'm loving the Loft at the Red Building and you are right - perfect for a wedding venue!!


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