{renovate} the fireplace

I teased you all a couple weeks ago with the *befores* of my fireplace. I'm here today with the exciting *afters.* How do you all gauge when a project is successful? I deem a project successful when my husband, who has been very vocally against this project, LOVES the results.

Just a reminder of the dark, dingy and dirty eyesore before:

And, the sparkly, clean and sharp after.
What do you all think? It was so simple. I removed the screen and doors. Cleaned out pounds of ash and painted it the same shade of creamy white as the trim. And it has made all the difference in this room. I am still floored at how small changes in a room seem to make the biggest difference.

Want to see it again? Because I can't stop looking at it.

             {before.}                                    {after.}

And, the flowers add a sweet spring-like touch, no?

Happy Monday to you all!


  1. OMG. Did you move? This cannot be the same fireplace. You have magical powers. Good job. I love it!

  2. i can't stop looking at it too. wow! it looks amazing now :) i like it.

    ps. thank you so much for the kind comment. i needed that.

  3. Wow!! That is so beautiful! I love white painted fireplaces.


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