question of the day: books

Let's talk.I need some insight for storing books on the floor. As a design element.

I get what people are going for when they put their books on the floor.

It gives off a more casual laid-back vibe.

And organized by color and in the right setting, these books on the floor look really cute. (see books on the right in this pic.)


But how on earth do you make this work? When I put my books on the floor, I just end up looking like a slob. Does anyone out there know the trick to making this look brilliant, rather than accidental? Or do you hate the look no matter what? Opinions, please.

**images via: apartment therapy and house beautiful**


  1. It's really funny that you picked this topic, because I was *just* trying to do something different with my mounds and mounds of books this weekend. Every time I try them on the floor, it never works. Grr. My mom is pretty good at it. She will put 3-5 in a loose type stack usually under a little table or something. She usually pairs it with a knick-knack like a cool paperweight or a little mini trunk. She uses hard-back bigger coffee table book types. I think most of them are from me in my former life at GAC. :-)

  2. Interesting -- I'm super jealous! Maybe bigger books is part of the key. I have very few. I'm going to have to start playing with this!

  3. I'm personally not a big fan of this. Though you might try having only one type of covered books, i.e. all hard back or soft cover. Mixing the covers might seem a little sloppy.


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