I heart Portland

I don't mean to be a tease, but today I am. On friday, I promised a big reveal of our revamped kitchen table. Well, I was a little --okay hugely -- over-ambitious. The project took a left turn when I realized the table was coated in not one or two, but FOUR layers of paint. That lovely realization came at minute 15 of work. 

In between applying paint remover, waiting for it to *work,* scraping and sanding, I took some pictures showcasing the brilliance of Portland this time of year. Because, my friends, it was truly brilliant this weekend.


So many blooms! Which are especially beautiful on a 60 degree (maybe it was even 65?) day at the beginning March.

I need to start a collection of all the amazing-colored doors I find on my little adventures around town. People are so creative!

I wanted to take this dog home. Don't worry, my best friend drug (dragged?!) me away before I could. Such a cute dog though! You know how some people long for babies? Currently, I'm longing for a dog.

  Overhead trailing blooms? Love!



Aah. the St. John's bridge. A complete masterpiece.

My hood. With Mt. Hood in the background.

Willamette River + downtown from the bridge.

The bridge from our hike in Forest Park.

I heart Portland.


  1. Did you get points from Mr. McCormick for the truck picture and for not dog-napping that lab? You should. Fun times and great pictures! :-)


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