{renovate} the farm table

A few eons weeks ago, I mentioned that work was beginning on our farm table! This process took a little {okay, lot} longer than I had originally anticipated. It was by no means difficult, but the multiple coats of paint + sealer took many hours/days drying time. Coupled with work + life, this process took awhile. We also waited a few days in between our last coat and actually using the table. I've made the over-excited-mistake of using furniture before it's completely dry. It's not pretty.

And here is the result:

We love it. It came out exactly as I'd imagined. Chris and I could not agree on the legs. He wanted to leave them. I just couldn't deal with the flaky paint near food. Ick. So we compromised {like all good marriages, right?} and I lightly distressed them.



We completely stripped the table top. What I'd originally thought was one layer, was actually three. Yikes. This added the most time to the project. I used a *green* paint stripper that took a lot longer, but smelled way less offensive. I'll tell you all about it in my next post. Originally I'd planned on staining the table top, but I ended up loving the original wood. The flaws and imperfections were perfection in and of themselves. I didn't want to risk hiding these with stain.



If you look closely here, you can see years of wear on the table. The wood is marred with imperfections the many people try to imitate on new furniture. I love that ours is authentic.


Now, what to do with those BARE walls?

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