{inspired} green

Happy March 1 friends! I love March. It means spring is so. darn. close. In honor of spring, I'm highlighting some greens I've been loving lately.

Green and I don't always get agree. Some years we love each other. Other years, not so much. This year, though, I'm finding myself draw to fresh pops of green.

When I brought the *m* home, above, the first thing I told Chris was: *don't worry, it's not staying green.* It matches nothing in our living room or our house, for that matter. Yet, 5 months later, it's still green. It provides a little punch to the room that I'm really loving right now and I can't bring myself to paint it. Yet.

This color is so bright and cheery! Especially when complimented by the lemon tree. Lovely.

Love this color, and this style for spring! 

I love this green. I'm very particular about my greens. See love-hate relationship above. But this bold, classic grass-green really gets me. I have shoes this color that make me very happy.

Aaah. Fern art is so neutral and relaxing. Very *botanical spa-like.*

These green-backed cabinets are perfection. The perfect location to use a fun, bold accent color. Such as green.

The left picture, IMO, illustrates just how much life even a little green can instill into a neutral room. Especially love the green canisters on the counter.

My favorite way to add a little green into a room: plants! I never get tired of plants, with all the color and life they instill into a room. 

**Images via Design Sponge, Decor8, Desire to Inspire, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn.**


  1. Is that dress from Anthropologie? Because I swear I saw one just like it there a week ago.

  2. green has also been inching its way in too my heart!

  3. Love your Blog. It's tres inspiring!! Merci!


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