boston: the details

I have one more Boston post to share with you today. I've tried to spread them out so you don't get too bored. You haven't read the previous posts yet? They're here and here

You know how it's easy to get attached to someone when you know them really well? It's because you've come to know all gritty details that makes them unique. And really, I think it goes without saying,  for someone special, it's these details that make them beautiful. 

I've lived in Boston. I know the big picture. But it's the little details that I really miss. They are different details than Portland. Not better, but so special to me. So on this trip I set about capturing all the details to take home with me. 

And so many interesting details in Boston there are. Probably because it's old historic. But I love that with detail comes rich texture and depth that so many other cities are lacking.

The brick juxtaposed with wrought iron. Love.

Sidenote: I love signs. I think there are so many clever, unique signs in the world. I end up taking random pics of signs all. the. time. The best part? Chris has started taking them now too! :)

Original log from a really old ship. 
Next sidenote: I'm really not all that into history. So, I spent our time at a historic nautical museum drooling over all the cool-to-me details. Like this handwriting from sometime in the 1700's.

An entire store window display made from ... antique sewing machines! It was huge too. I seriously couldn't take my eyes off the display. We walked by a couple times and I finally had to take a picture.

Love the detail to this wrought iron. Would it make a great fabric?

Sparklies at the barking crab!

Thanks for hanging in there and letting me gush about our trip! I had fun sharing :).

Come back friday for the table runner how-to. It's a fun and easy weekend project!


  1. You live in portland? Oregon?
    I grew up there, so I was just wondering - a lot of my family and friends are still there so I go back quite often :)
    I've always wanted to go to boston - one day I will - it looks so gorgeous and all that history is amazing. great photos!

  2. Hi Yelena,
    Yes, Portland Or! Do you get back often? It's such an amazing city :)

  3. I miss walking down the mall. The crispness in the air this time of year. It just doesn't exist in Texas.

  4. Ugh- this makes me want to visit there even more! Boston is #2 on our vacation list. #1 is the Grand Canyon. However, Boston is starting to look a bit more appealing!

  5. Polly, I think I'm a little biased because the only time I've been to the Grand Canyon it was FOGGED in. Sad! So, I say definitely go to Boston first :). Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi Jenn,
    Just popping by to check out your latest. I love the photos of Boston. I still have not ever visited. And I live in NYC-- Crazy I know. We'll be going sometime soon with my kids (2 girls, 6 and 10) and can't wait to show them all the historical landmarks. I am working on my own post on Charleston SC from the summer... I'm a bit slow on the uptake butII think you'll enjoy te pics... with signs too!! :-)
    xo Suzanne


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