{inspire} room styling

Happy Monday all!

I'd like to start off the week talking about styling. Because styling is fascinating to me. Really. It's a mystery how people can take everyday objects and make them utterly beautiful and inspiring. It's something I would LOVE to learn. I remember when I thought styling looked so easy. Friends I have tried and learned that it is, indeed, not at all easy. I realize now that it looks easy because the people who I look to for inspiration are really just that good.

Here are a few beautifully styled photos from my inspiration folders. Shall we take a look?
There a few reasons I think this photo from Decor8 works. First, the simple color scheme. Red, white, yellow, natural. Repeat. And also, the texture. The texture from the branches and back ground pillow offset the large use of single colors. Finally, the  photo is balanced. This is the part that usually throws me in styling. The branches are on one side of the grouping and are balanced with the pillows and white dish to other side.

Leslie at Creative Mint in a styling genius. Her blog is so fun to peruse. I love this photo and believe it works because again, the simple coloring. I'm seeing a trend here. Blue, light pink, white and natural. I also like the simple elements up front: beautiful light pink flowers in white cups, set off by the blue stripe texture in back. The grouping is arranged from shortest item in the front to tallest in the back, creating depth and balance.

Another beautiful photo from Leslie. This is photos illustrates my previous point beautifully. She has taken an everyday (and usually pretty boring) object - thread - and made it lovely. The white textured cup sets off these pastel threads so well. The texture from the photo underneath the cup ads depth and the colors from the inspiration board, behind, really pull everything together.

Another beautiful photo from Decor8. The shades of green and the varying degrees of height are what I immediately notice in this photo. I also like that the main elements -- the lamp, plant and paper roll -- are arranged in a triangle, with the smaller items filling out the space and adding texture.

And finally, Lauren, from Pure Style Home, is another stylist whose photos I could look at for hours. What I love most about her style is how carefully she edits. A few books and a single bulb to add height? Perfect. Notice that everything here is in a varying shade of green. I think that really helps tie the arrangement together.

There is also a styling group on flickr that is loaded with beautifully styled rooms, corners and furniture. Check it out when you have a chance. Or maybe you have a photo(s) there?

What are some tips you have for styling your belongings? Do any of you struggle with this like I do? I would love to hear!


  1. gorgeous images!!!!
    oh styling.. seems so simple, yet it takes a certain touch and creativity to succeed. ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Yelena! :)

  3. So right about Lauren - I never thought about her photos in that detail before, but you're right. She gets them spot-on!


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