boston: a glimpse

We went on a little trip recently to my second most favorite city (Portland is number one, of course): Boston! See, I attend graduate school in Boston and lived there for two years. And loved every. single. minute. I've never regretted my decision to move back to Portland (I mean, come on, I met Chris upon my return!), but I do have a very special place in my heart for *bean town*. Chris on the other hand, has never been to New England. Well, I knew I needed to remedy that as soon as possible. 

And, remedy, I did! We spent our second anniversary in Boston. And friends, it was awesome. We both had a pretty harried September, to say the least, and the trip's timing was perfect. We relaxed, we drove to Maine (!), we're now planning our Maine return trip (loved, loved, loved Maine), and best of all, we enjoyed each other. We make a huge effort at home to take time to appreciate, love and connect with each other. But, there was something so special about having a week (!) for fun, exploring and adventures with just each other.

Below are a few highlights from our incredible week away.
We spend time strolling through Boston's public garden.

We took in the incredible city views from our hotel room.

We visited my old neighborhood. (Above, not below. HA!)

We soaked in the amazing historic architecture. Back home, just for fun, we checked real estate prices for some of the nicer areas. Let's just say I'll have to be content with strolling through and taking pics. Forever.

We ate cannoli's at Mike's in the North End. MMMMMmmmmm.

We visited Fenway. And, shed a tear for the Red Sox season.

And, we spent an evening at one of my favorite restaurants ever. More on that later :).


  1. Sigh. I'm trying not to be jealous. But failing miserably. Glad you guys had fun!

  2. I would love for you to recommend some other places to go in Boston. I am heading there at the end of October for the first time and can't wait! :)

  3. You went to Maine!!!! I'm insanely jealous. Want to hear all about it next time we hang out. Looks like you and Chris had a much-needed getaway and I'm glad you had fun. :-)

  4. okay, how funny is this: the little security code that I had to type in to make my previous comment post successfully and to prove that I'm not a robot was "rants." that's just the funniest thing for a blog...esp. b/c there are no rants on your blog, but just fun happy, pretty decorating finds, tips, and suggestions and sometimes intriguing recipes. what will it be next time soapbox? i think i'm going to be giggling about this for a while.

  5. @beckymochaface: It wasn't the same without you!
    @Sarah: I would LOVE to recommend some places. I'll pop over to your blog :)
    @Valerie: You need to go to Maine! Seriously awesome. And, I LOVE that rant came up. Ha!

  6. Oh, Mike's has the best goodies! I love Boston. We didn't make it there on our whirlwind roadtrip through New England two weeks ago. We did go to Western Mass though. Did you ever spend time in Jamaica Plain? That's one of my favorite areas, even though it's further out.

  7. Hi Jane, you know I haven't been to Jamaica Plain. When I lived there I didn't have a car and it was just a little too far to visit, but now that I've left I keep hearing all these great things! Next time I visit I'll pop out there.


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