{create} felt wreath

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Remember last week when I said my goal this year was to make a wreath? Well, I actually made two wreaths. I know, overachiever. Besides my yarn wreath, I also made a felt wreath.

Do you read the Purl Bee blog? If not, please go check it out (after this post, of course!), because it is loaded with inspiration and fun diy projects. They posted this wreath last January, and I was completely smitten. I even mentioned it here and I immediately bookmarked it into my *projects I must make* file. All this year I kept wondering when was too early to start making it!

Since I've never embroidered, much less hand embroidered, I decided to start back in November, just to be on the safe side. The nice part about starting so early was that I could work on it here and there when I had time. I never felt stressed or pressured, which is huge for me this time of year :).

This turned out to be a really fun and informative project. The instructions on the Purl Bee's website are super detailed, but it's a project that relies on your own creativity. There were days I was really sick of hand embroidering, but then I just put it aside. I learned a few really cool stitches (see above), and techniques for cutting felt that create depth and texture. I could also see this being a great template for a spring wreath in fun pastel colors.

In all honesty, it was supposed to be a birthday gift! But, as it was coming together I realized it was not at all the recipients style. I didn't want them to feel like they had to like and display it because I made it, so I kept it. I think subconsciously I just really wanted it in my house. :)

And here's the wreath + a sneak peak of my Christmas decor:

We're no where near done decorating (does it take anyone else this long to decorate their house!?), but I did get the fireplace and mantle all set up. This is our first year with stockings :).

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How is your decorating coming along?


  1. It takes me FOREVER to decorate. I'm in love with this wreath... seriously -- I think it's my favorite out of the zillion and 1 wreaths i've seen this year. Yup. Def my favorite =)


  2. Oy. This weekend I thought I was going to start decorating...and I don't even have especially big decorating plans...but I got as far as taking down the Halloween decorations. Ummmm...yeah. This week's going to be super busy, so maybe this weekend? My decorations are more "winter" than Christmas, so maybe I can keep them up until some time in February?

  3. I think your wreath is lovely. I'm a big felt fan, and I'm always trying to find different things to do with it. I'm definitely checking out this tutorial! Thanks.

    *And thank you for your comment on my blog. Glad you found me.*

  4. that is SO beautiful! it would be lovely framed after the holidays are over, you should keep it up forever! ♥

  5. Thanks ladies! :) I'm really glad I kept it for myself (ha!). And Emily, yes, winter decor can stay up till february -- one month is not long enough to enjoy it! :)

  6. Hi Jenn, This is simply gorgeous! I love felt pieces and you have done an amazing job on this one. Visiting from CG - Hope you have a wonderful holiday ~ Stephanie Lynn

  7. Your felt wreath is amazing! I am so inspired... and a little sheepish at my straight-from-Costco-with-no-special-care wreath currently on my front door. Though I managed to hang it before our temps were in the teens, so that may still count as a win. ;) Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I absolutely love your wreath! :o)

  9. WOWZA!!! That wreath is so cool! Great job sweetie!


  10. Love it!

    Mine's slow and kinda steady. It always takes me a while. These bloggers who are all done DIYing it up by Thanksgiving amaze me. I'm so not one of them!

  11. Wow, I am so impressed with your beautiful wreath. So different than what we usually see. I adore wreaths but I don't know that I would have the patience to finish a wreath like that. I am planning on doing a book wreath by the weekend but that should only take a couple hours. I started decorating on Monday and somehow I'm still decorating today (Thursday). Well, most of it is done but I go a little crazy with Christmas touches in every room in the house.

  12. So, so pretty! It just pops over your mantel. You did a fantastic job! Thanks so much for sharing at the Holiday Hookup!

  13. Just wanted you to know I featured your beautiful wreath this week! Please stop by and grab a featured button!


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