{create} holiday wreath

I had a goal this holiday season. I would make a wreath. There are so many cute ones out in bloggy-land and at least one needed to hang in my home. So, while I did make the lovely wreath I'm sharing with you today, I cannot take credit for the idea.

I'm sharing it anyway, because I think you should all make one. :) It was so, so, so easy. I literally created it one night Thanksgiving weekend while watching a movie. It's very festive and I love that it looks very wintry and can be used past the holidays. I found the tutorial on Take Heart.

I found my yarn at a specialty yarn store near my house. It is sooooo soft. An added bonus was that it hides mistakes really well. I was actually really surprised at how many weirdnesses the yarn absorbed.

My favorite part, though? The flowers were a cinch. I have a huge problem with fabric flowers. They are completely frustrating to me for some reason, but I had so much fun making these and I love how they look.

My one hint? Danielle recommends using a plastic wrapped straw wreath. Please listen to her. I used Styrofoam (because I already had one on hand) and I can really see how plastic would be easier to wrap.

I'm still looking for a home for the wreath, because I'm still not done Christmas decorating! But, look for the wreath when I do take you on a tour of my holiday digs. :)

So, if you want a quick and beautiful wreath to add to your holiday decor, pop on over to the Take Heart blog. And, let me know if you make one. I would love to see how yours turn out! What crafty projects are you all taking on this month?

** Update: I'm adding this wreath to Centsational Girl's Christmas Craft Party. Pop over here to check out all the great holiday crafts! :)


  1. Shut up -- the flowers were easy? i don't believe you =)

    I have GOT to try this! =) Yours looks smashing <3

  2. Hi Jenn! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments on my MIL's Christmas tree!

    I LOVE how your wreath turned out! I've seen a few of these around, but I especially like the color combo you chose. Very chic!

    Good luck with the rest of your Christmas decorating and happy holidays. :)

  3. it's SO pretty, you could hang that one all year long. love it. ♥

  4. Hi Jenn! Thanks for stopping by Crafty Texas Girls. Wow!! I think I need to make another wreath- yours is gorgeous.

  5. Go you!
    I always make lists of [crafty] things I need to do, and they don't happen.
    Good for you, for actually doing it!

  6. I wanted to make a wreath this season too... a pointsetta wreath!! I have it invisioned in my mind, hopefully it turns out!

  7. There it is!
    I looked at the post before and didn't see a photo...
    The wreath is pretty!

  8. I love your yarn wreath!!
    I have been wanting to make one so bad and yours is just super cute!! :o)

  9. I love your yarn wreath!! I love that the flowers just POP off the wreath! :)

  10. I have to join in on all the great comments here, I love this wreath and your fabric flowers look great!! I am going to have to go take a look at the tutorial.

  11. OK, crazy wreath lady here again. Wow, wow, wow. This is so pretty and easy projects are my thing right now. I love that this is a wreath that can go beyond the holidays depending on the colors you use. I never know what wreath to put up in January. Heading over to the tutorial now ... and becoming your latest follower, too.

  12. Awww! I love this wreath. I'm going to try to make this tomorrow. :)

    MeggyD from www.ChasingDavies.blogspot.com

  13. I'm gaga for yarn wreaths and love the color combo you created. Nice job!


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