{create} 2010 Top 10 Projects

Confession: I love reading all the *lists* at the end of the year. You know, the lists that each news site creates to review each and every aspect of the year. For example, on CNN right now, there's the Haiti 2010 Year in Review, 10 New Year's Resolutions Not to Make and the Worst Movies of 2010. My curiosity is piqued (especially for that worst movie list--wonder how many I saw and actually liked!). If we're counting something down, you can be sure I'm reading it.

So to end this year, I thought I'd make a list of my own. 2010 was a great year here at A Home in the Making, and I picked out my favorite 10 projects to share with you. These are the projects (in no particular order) that were the most fun to make, and/or had the biggest impact in our home.

Fireplace Makeover
Actually, if these were in order, this would still be at the top. This is by far my most favorite project of 2010. Our fireplace was such a dreary eyesore before! Now, we love it!

Painted Stripe Curtain
I like this project so much because I couldn't find fabric I liked ... so I made my own. Using silver spray paint and a scrap of white fabric, I made this curtain that adds so much personality to our living room.

Farm Table Makeover
We brought this old table back to life by removing a lot of paint and adding a little back in.

Blanket Curtains
I got a little inventive here. I couldn't find fabric I liked (again!), and found this huge ruffly blanket at IKEA one day. A few cuts and stitches later and I had breezy cafe curtains.

Coffee Table Makeover
After the fireplace, I was sold on white paint. This project simply furthered my love. My favorite part though, is grass cloth we added to the top for a customized look.

Eat. Good. Food. Table Runners
These are just so fun. And, they've already seen many dinners parties :).

Front Yard Landscaping
After a couple summers spent painting (I wish I were kidding, and am glad I was only around for one of those!), we tackled the landscaping. And, wow! What a difference a few plants made for our curb appeal. I'm excited to see them grow in a little.

State Pillow
I love this project because it's a replica of a pillow I had been lusting after for years, and I made it for a tiny fraction of what the original cost. And maintained 100% of the cuteness, of course :).

Rustic Garden Cabinet
The thing I love about painting is how quickly it turns an old piece of furniture from *ew* to *yah!*. I adore this cabinet because it is the most extreme case of this in our house. This cabinet was gah-ross.

Felt Holiday Wreath
I learned so much from making this wreath, and every single person who walked in our front door this month commented on how cute it is. Time well spent.

It was so fun to go back through my archives and see how much we've accomplished this year. Sometimes it's easy to forget. And, I'm super excited to get started on all the projects I have lined up for 2011!

Update: Crazy awesome idea alert! The Southern Hospitality blog is hosting a round up of blogger's favorite 2010 projects! So many great lists to read! I submitted this post to the group, and you can click here to see them all.

So what about you guys? What were you favorite projects this year? I'd love it if you linked to them in the comments so we can all admire! :)


  1. I love this post, great work! I'm heading over to see the other lists now, thanks for all the inspiring pics Jenn!

  2. Your house is beautiful!! I love the blanket curtains and I really love your coffee table!! Fabulous. :) I'm visiting from Rhoda's party. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  3. Amazing projects! I love your fireplace! So beautiful.

  4. love love LOVE all these projects MUCHO! =) So super inspiring =)

    You've had a productive and very glam decor year, doll! here's to another! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. Wow you are incredible! These are all fabulous!


  6. Great projects- love the curtains inventions!

  7. gosh jenn, those projects are epic! loved seeing your lineup of bests! and those cafe curtains, great idea, they look splendid! ♥

  8. Seriously good year in projects, I'd say :)
    My faves are the front yard landscaping and the EatGoodFood table runners!

  9. The list is great Jenn! Says so much about your design work for the year and your great decorating accomplishments!

  10. Wow! You have had some fun projects going on on your blog. So glad to have found you :)

    Happy new year!


  11. I love all of this, especially the fireplace and garden cabinet!


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