{inspire} back entry ideas

Happy Monday friends! Did you all have a good weekend? My weekend was super productive, and fun, but it was so hard to get out of bed today!

After a busy and productive work day on Saturday (hard woods are ready to stain!), it occurred to me that I should probably start thinking about how to actually finish the spaces we're working on: back entry and back bedroom (office/craft room). It probably sounds sort of silly, but I've been so focused on getting the hard stuff done that I'd completely spaced the fun finishing details! So, today I'm sharing my thoughts on the back entry. Since the refinishing the hardwoods wasn't exactly a planned project, I'm at a complete loss about the finishing details for that back bedroom. But, since the room is already torn apart (and piled in my living room. ack!), it seems logical to paint, etc. So I need to get creative (with both details and budget!) and get some ideas pulled together. Hopefully this week.

But first, the back entry:
Structural details:
1. Tile, Home Depot. 
2. Board and batten color: Whip, by Miller Paint
3. Wall and ceiling color: Grant Beige, by Benjamin Moore

Finishing details:
4. Black bench we (already own, not as pictured).
5. Bright pot (already own) + large structural plant.
6. Rug. (Not sold on this one and am trying to find something with more color that won't get dirty easily (ha!)
7. Pillow from this fabric (already own)
10. ART! I'm loving these: Make Your Own Path and Kite Hill
11. Lighting (been trying to find a space for this for years. Love.)

My goal was to stay within our house color palette, while being bright, fun and functional. I am really loving the red accents. And you can also see that I'm trying to use what we already own as much as possible. I'm still up in the air about both the rug and art. I'm going to dig and see if we have any art in our house I can use, but I really do love both the pictures I've pulled here. So, we'll see.

So, with that in mind, what is some fun (and reasonably priced) art you've run across lately? Any suggestions for my back entry? :)


  1. Now comes the fun part after all of your hard work!

    I am loving those prints as well--I bet you could design or otherwise DIY something similar to the Make Your Own Path sign :)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks KT! I was just thinking the same thing about that Make You Own Path poster .... creative cap is officially on :)

  3. Funny, because I've been eyeing the teal vesion of that Schoolhouse Electric light for a long time (also like the black flowers version, but am not sure it's as timeless). Great minds think alike. ;)

    I've been following Paul Octavious on Flickr forever - dunny is his screenname. Check him out, if you haven't already. So many wonderful, whimsical photos!

  4. YAY! glad to hear things are coming along and that you're mixing some fun into the hum-drum harder work!

    I LOVE your vision board! As for suggestions, I think you had it right with your number/text color: YELLOW! I duno if it is b/c there is red and blue in the space, and that yellow just comes to mind b/c of primary colors, but I think some yellow wall art would look great up top, balancing out the darker things down below :) Aw, sunny sunny yellow :P Can ya tell I'm ready for spring here!?

    I can't wait to see it come together; if you get 'er done this week please please please post :) I'll keep my eyes peeled <3 xo

  5. Love the colour palette you have chosen, the greys and blues will look gorgeous! So happy to have found your blog - your home is lovely xx

  6. I love etsy for art pieces. My favorites in our living room came from etsy.

  7. Emily, great minds DO think a like! And, I love the black flowers one too, but agree with you. I'll check out Paul's flickr stream ... thanks for the tip!

    Vikki, you are awesome! :) And, duh. Yellow is MY color ... can't believe I left it out! And, thank you for thinking I can actually finish this week. HA! :)

    Rachel, thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

    Becky, need to see your living room artwork! GAH!

  8. ohmygosh girl! I love the art and the plant! <3 Designing this part of the house is soooo much fun! I can't wait to work on mine in the next house!! <3


    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. I love the grey and red. I'm excited to see it all come together! Great job!

    LrnM Design

  10. you are so darn innovative and creative. AND the best planner in the world. i just adore anything from Etsy, it's a passionate place to spend hours perusing through as i'm sure you know. cheers to success, i know you'll rock it. ♥

  11. I am getting so excited for this. I can't wait to see it when you finish!

  12. Love this. Here's my suggestion - if you ever want to find that chevron pillow a lovely home...I'm willing to babysit. Smile.


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