{renovations} project updates

Don't worry. I'm not going to bore you with weekly project updates, but we made huge headway on our two projects so I thought I'd give you an update about where we're at with them and what we're dealing with.

First of all, you're probably wondering why the heck we're tackling two {reasonably huge} projects at once? We're wondering that too! It really is a big no-no in home reno, and project management as a whole. But, when we started working on our back entry way with you two good and incredibly generous friends, it was quickly apparent that the space was way too small for four people. So while the boys are busy working on the back entry, the girls are tackling tearing up nasty carpet and refinishing the beautiful hardwood underneath. We've been working on the project for the past three Saturdays and, while completely exhausting, it's really fun to work on with friends and we have a huge dinner that ends the day perfectly.

Let's start with the
Scope: tearing up the hallway and back bedroom carpet. Prepping and refinishing the original hardwoods. When Chris moved into the house he removed the nasty blue carpet from the living room and front bedroom (our current bedroom). We want to finish off these last two areas to have consistent flooring on the main floor (well, expect for the kitchen floor, which is a whole different beast).

You probably remember that after tearing up the carpet we found this lovely piece of linoleum(ish) artwork. It was quickly torn up and tossed out as well.

Under the funky linoleum, we found this. Hardwoods, as expected. YAH! Lots of old crackly linoleum glue. BOO! We started scraping, just to test how hard this would be to remove, and it actually scrapes off quite easily. We also tested a sander. It didn't remove so easily with a sander, which meant we'd have to rent  a huge sander. So we were left with the option of scraping the floor and then doing a quick sand, or spending more time sanding the floor. Since we're on a crazy budget for this (you know, the completely unplanned project with a nonexistent budget) and it's really such a small area for a huge sander, we chose the scraping and then sanding method. I thought my hands were permanently damaged after the first day of scraping ;). 

Once we scraped, we had clean, but stained hardwoods.

So we got to work sanding, which really was super easy after the prep work. This is a great shot of the beautiful sanded floor (right), and the before ... with glue and all. What a difference! We're so happy the hardwoods are in really great shape. But why do we have a section that's still in a *before* state?

Because we have to replace that section. The weird linoleum art was centered on an old (huge) heating vent. Under the big black spot isn't hardwood, it's plywood. We actually found the same hardwoods we have (amazingly!), at a recycling place (Rebuilding Center) last year. So we have the boards and that's next. Then we'll stain them up!

We also have a great start on the back bedroom. Here's a room you've never seen! I try to keep this room hidden because that color is just so ... wow. Are there words?  Especially with the blue carpet :). Technically, though it's hard to tell in this giant mess, this is my sewing room. 

I was a little bummed that the linoleum under this carpet didn't hold any secret treasures. We already have a moon and a compass. Where's the sun, people? But, I was super happy that it was more brittle, and had way less glue. This room looks like it'll be quite breezy to finish up.

Now onto the 
Scope: Make back entryway less despicable. :)

Just a reminder, here's the before. And I covered more updates in this post.

And here's where they are now! It's hard to tell in this picture, but that's tile on the floor! YAH! And, new walls! If you live in a new house, you'll appreciate how uneven, and even unsquare, walls and rooms can be.  That window? Yeah, not so straight. So it took quite a bit of time just figuring out how to level the walls. And then some very creative cutting :). It all looks great though, and I'm so excited to get this room wrapped up. We're really close.

The next time you see these areas they'll be .. DONE! Personally I'm rooting for the GIRLS TEAM to finish up first. You know, cause we rock. :)

Are you of you tackling remodeling projects right now? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Looking good! I hope the girls win too :) The whole boys vs girls thing reminds me of some episodes of Trading Spaces back in the day!

  2. It looks like everything is coming along. Nice work. I can't wait to see it now!

  3. You're refinishing the hardwoods yourself? Color me impressed!

  4. Y'all are crazy insane and so focused! I could never have imagined getting that much done in three weekends. The floors look great and I can't wait to see the mudroom.

    When you're done, our house has lots to do to! ;)

  5. Looks nice!!

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  6. Love that photo that shows the floors sanded and with glue still on the. Just goes to show with a little love and a lot of hard work how good they can look. I take my hat off to you!

  7. Wow Jenn, you're working so hard but it looks good... i'm impressed!!! I want to see it finished


  8. This is going to be so worth all the hard work! HARDWOOD floors! LOVE!

  9. Your hardwood floors are gorgeous!


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