{inspired} blue + coral

A little fun fact about me: I having a pretty boring wardrobe. Cute, but boring. Lots of black. Lots of solid colors. Lots of safe. But, in a crazy spark of inspiration, today I'm wearing navy blue gingham + coral. And, I LOVE it.

(ps: there are very few things more awkward than taking a picture of yourself. especially when a coworker walks into your office while you're doing it.)

In fact, I'm digging this color combo so much, that I started searching around for rooms that feature these two colors. And friends, there is some awesomeness that falls within these two colors. I pulled some of my favorites from the source (you know, Pinterest), to illustrate how this color combo can cross from clothing into rooms and even products. :)

Gorgeous, right? What color combo are you really into right now?

I hope you all have an adventurous and fun-filled weekend!


  1. Love the combo...coral is just yummy and paired with classic navy, delightful!

    Love your gingham shirt...I too have one and just wore it yesterday!

  2. I like this combo. As you may know my favorites change on a weekly if not daily basis, but anything bright at the moment seems to be working for me. Sooo is this the "research" you were conducting on pinterest the other day? Why is that site so addicting?!?!

  3. I want to wear that coral evening gown and sit on those white couches in the first room picture. Not sure what I would do...sit there and looke pretty?

  4. Love how you went from your outfit to rooms. Great job! Like the combo.

  5. Ooh, that is a great color combo - one I've never thought about before. Thanks for drawing it to my attention :)

    And I didn't even think I *liked* coral.

  6. Such a great color combination! I've been meaning to get some gingham. Haha. i know how awkward it can be. Hope you didn't make too big of a fool out of yourself. :)

  7. Those colors would be perfect for a summer (especially July) wedding :)

    I love the twig hangers on the wall--how sweet and rustic is that?!

  8. you know I looove this combo! Similar shades are going to be allll over my office a-la your mood board inspiration! <3 mwah!


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