{summer of fun} Rogue rafting

As I mentioned before, I spent half of last week and all of last weekend rafting one of Oregon's more beautiful rivers: the Rogue. It was technically a work retreat; every year my company takes its staff, board and spouses on a rafting trip. But, even though it was *work* it was So. Much. Fun. But, clearly, who doesn't have fun when you're on a river for four days in 85 degree weather?

We were on the river for four days and three nights. And, here's where I have a confession: before this trip, I'd never been camping. I know, right? What makes this even more crazy, is that up until a month ago, I worked for our state's parks department. I guess it took leaving there to get me into a tent :). Don't worry, I survived: I set up my own tent, all by myself (Chris couldn't come with me because of his new job :( ), every night. And, it never fell over. Not everyone attending could claim that victory!

So, today, as part of my Summer of Fun series, I'm sharing a few pictures of just how gorgeous the trip was. Lots of amazing green trees, mountains, cliffsides, contrasting against beautiful blue water and quite a few amazing and super fun rapids. In the evenings, we explored trails, waterfalls, and beautiful creeks. We saw bald eagles, golden eagles, a couple (!) bears, and lots of monarch butterflys. It it truly a spectacular stretch of water.

Amazing, no? And that long sleeve shirt I'm sporting? NOT because I was cold. The sun was brutal!

Have you guys been rafting? What's the BEST river you've rafted? If you haven't, I highly recommend getting yourself to a river ASAP and hoping on a raft. It's a great experience! Oh, and that camping thing? I think I like it :).

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  1. I LOVE rafting!!! This looks like an\d awesome trip and a great work outing! The fist time I ever went white water rafting was on a business trip to Whistler, Canada, I worked for Eddie Bauer at the time and my fellow retailers thought I was a bit nuts because I enjoyed it so much! I sat at the front of the raft and was fearless! I have been many times since and have even gotten my kids and in-laws to try it!


  2. Chris got a new job? Congratulations to him!

  3. Found your beautiful blog from twitter. Adding you to my roll today. Just scrolled down to see Sotar rafts (my husbands family company) and the Rogue River. I miss Grants Pass, Oregon so badly. Can't wait to visit OR again.


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