{inspired} summer lovin'

Beyond the normal reasons to love the 4th of July - friends, bar-b-ques, food, fireworks - I am especially fond of this holiday for a couple reasons. First, I met Chris FOUR years ago at a 4th of July bar-b-que. And yes, there were friends, food and fireworks - lots of fireworks (wink) - involved.

Second, 4th of July marks the unofficial start to summer here in Oregon. Oregon doesn't go by the calendar, It still delivers rain up to (actually, usually THRU) the 4th. But then, almost magically, a switch flips and we have sun and warmth and .... summer!

To mark this *unofficial* beginning of summer, I thought I'd share some of the best parts of summer, in my opinion.

The Beach.

If you aren't near a beach, I am sorry. Visiting the beach really is such a lovely summer activity.

Cute Swimsuits.
Although evil at the core, if you're going to bust out  a swimsuit, it might as well be cute, right?

Eating {Normal-Everyday-Dinners} Outside
They just feel more special, no?

Cute Dresses.
I LIVE in dresses in the summer. They're the perfect remedy for staying cool and looking cute.

Bright Nail Polish.

Besides meeting cute boys and future husbands, they're just so much fun.

The Essence of Summer.

I think it all boils down to this: summer just has a different feel about it than the rest of the year. It's laid-back, it's *chill*, it's .... lazy. And, I'm so excited to welcome it back.

Friends, what's your favorite part of summer?

I hope you enjoy your extended 4th of July weekend! :)


  1. Summer vacations....always some excellent adventure for this family. Fun to dream, plan and partake in them!
    PS and by the way, I met my hubby in the Summer too, I think that laid back vibe you speak of is helpful for meeting the right person!


  2. Wearing flip flops, watermelon and picnics in the park are my fave parts of summer. P.s. has it really been 4 years! Wow. :-)

  3. My favorite part of summer is wearing dresses and cute shoes and playing in the water! That's so cute you met your hubby at a 4th of July bbq! That's so special. :) Were there really fireworks? Like love at 1st sight? :) I'm a sucker for love stories. Oh! And I love the yellow bathing suit too!!

  4. Happy 4th! My favorite part is riding my bike!

  5. Lovely post! I'm fairly certain I have that exact same nail polish! Perfect for toes. :-)


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