{inspired} design-y tattoos

Friends, let's talk about tattoos. If you know me personally, this might be a touch of a surprise ... I don't have a tattoo and I've never really wanted one. But even if I did feel inclined to get a tattoo, I had NO ideas what I would get. Of course, I've run across some beautiful tattoos around the webs.

Gorgeous, right? (And, no surprise that they're all type, right?? *Wink*) I think tattoos are incredibly special when they're personal and mean something. They've been on my brain lately because Chris is getting his first and he's trying to decide what to get. We talk about it. A. Lot. The reason we're talking about it here today is because I was struck with inspiration on my rafting trip last week, in the form of a shirtless river guide. 

What?! He had a GREAT tattoo :).

See this print? I recently added it to my collection .... you'll see where it ended up in our abode soon. But, this sign is significant because forEVER, this sign stood on a building in downtown Portland, right near the river with the city scape in the background. It was a Portland icon, that I always loved seeing when I was little. Especially during the holidays when the nose would light up red. Well, the sign recently changed. Someone else bought the building, blah, blah, didn't want to keep that sign, blah, blah.  They ended up keeping the sign, but the words now say Portland Oregon. Not. As. Cool. It made me sad, so I bought the print to remember how cool the original sign was. 

Well friends, this river guide? He had the made in Oregon sign turned into a HUGE tattoo across his back/side. It was AWESOME! Immediately I knew that if I were to get a tattoo, it would be some form of this sign. After all, I was *made* in Oregon :).

So who knows. Now that I have an idea, maybe I work up the nerve? What about you guys? Any fun tattoos that you already have? Or ideas for great tattoos? 


  1. have you seen the tattoo drama over at design*sponge lately? bitches gettin' seriously serious.

    don't have one. have never really wanted one. but do think some are quite beautiful. to each his/her own, I figure!

  2. I used to want one but could never liked any idea I had for longer than a few months. Which I take to be a sign that I shouldn't get one. At least not until I find something I like for longer than a few months.

  3. I love the "No Fear" tattoo! The location of it is so cute!

  4. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for the LONGEST time. I think I want to get some sort of pink flower design on my upper thigh - something that can easily be covered up and it also represents feminity - something that took me a while to accept in myself.

    p.s. that sign thing made me angry too.

  5. would you happen to know what font the first n last picture of the tattoo was used?

    1. Hey all, I've had a few questions about the fonts in these tattoos. They aren't my tattoos, simply inspiration, so I'm not sure. If you follow the links I provided you might be able to find the original source. Thanks! :)


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