{inspired} I couldn't help it . . .

I know it's not time to plant yet. But it's 60 degrees and sunny here today (are we the ONLY ones in the country with nice weather?!) and it's hard to remember that we'll still have some pretty chilly weather to deal with before I can plant any lovelies in the ground. But I couldn't help myself. Last night I just had to start looking at which flowers I would like to welcome into my yard this spring.


Dahlias (both two above) are a MUST for me this year. They are my favorite.flower.ever. They remind me of my grandmother and were the basis for all my wedding flowers. Last year I missed them completely and was so sad. I have a big problem remembering that bulbs need to go into the ground in the fall! So this year I'm going to put in a few plants and then hopefully remember the bulb thing when it's time.

And of course, peonies! I bought a couple peony plants last year and am so excited to see what they do this year. The flowers are simply amazing and I wish they had a longer blooming season.

The above are digitalis. Beautiful, right? I want to create a cutting garden of sorts, so I'm looking at all different types of flowers that not only add texture and dimension to our yard, but also to a bouquet.

There are a couple places that I'd like to see climbing flowers. Clematis is my favorite. And, from what I understand, grows quickly! Perfect, because the spots where I'd plant climbers need to be hidden ;).

Begonias! Love! Another reminder of my grandmother. See a theme here? She was an amazing gardener. I wish I had 1/90th of her green thumb. Did that even make sense? You guys know what I mean.

Last year I completely fell for hollyhocks. I discovered them, randomly, on a business trip and have been wanting them in my yard since. I love the name, for starters and they're just so cheery!

So, here's where I need help. These are just some ideas floating around my head. And, I'm by no means a gardener or have any clue about flowers for that matter. What is your favorite flowers? And, what are some other flowers I should plant to create beautiful summer bouquets?


  1. beautiful! I miss having a yard and garden.... We're going to be more "indoor plant" people this year. ;)

  2. I always like the idea for a garden. Don't know if I can keep up with it. So I always go for as low maintenance as I can. Petunias are great as they can deal with the Texas heat and sun. Not sure how they'd be in Oregon. Plus they are so easy to maintain.

  3. Wow - those pink dahlias are stunning! I wonder how they would grow in my garden in NSW, Australia... Love your blog. I've just started my own if you want to offer any renovation advice! :) http://designsprinkle.blogspot.com/


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