blue+red = lovely

Growing up, my mom went through an *americana* decorating phase. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Late 80's/early 90's. Lots of navy. Lots of deep reds. Lots of cheesiness, IMO. Luckily that phase passed, but I've always been very conscience not to decorate any where near there. I think I was scarred as a kid ;). So blue and red have never been big on my radar. Until recently.

This styling is just perfection. Of course. It's from Domino. For me, I think it's the red plus a lighter aqua blue. It really revives the combo and makes it fresh and cheery. The black accents really help ground both colors and bring the room to life, for me.

Here is Ish and Chi's version of red and blue. So eye-catching. And, isn't that headboard just amazing?!

There little candy buttons are so cute! The buttons, as are the colors, perfect for a kiddos birthday party. From Bake It Pretty. Again, bright red plus light aqua keeps it fresh.

 I know. Again with the balloons, but I just love this picture. From here.

A more muted take on reds and blues, but still stunning. I like the pops of really light blue and yellow thrown in. From Oh Brooke.

I also love how Little Green Notebook has decorated her office. The beautiful red is subtly accented with blues and yellows, giving the office a bright, cheery and most importantly, modern, outlook. I could spend hours a day in this room.

Examples such as these have really helped me see red and blue in a different light and opened my eyes to a whole new color combination. If you are a product of the *americana* movement I hope these have helped you as well.

Happy Friday friends! 


  1. I'm not a big fan of aqua but that first picture is really pretty.

  2. love these colors together! and those photos are so pretty!


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