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First of all, hello to everyone visiting from High-Heeled Foot in the Door and It's All About the Mochaface! Thank you for stopping by!

I'm so excited to be starting our first big home project of the year: our screen in back porch. I've never shown you pictures, because, well, it's bad friends. Very bad. Don't worry, there will be pictures. Just not yet. I'm working up to it. But see, my problem is that I'm sort of obsessing about this project. I'm so excited and want it to be perfect and can't stop thinking about it!
So, today I'm going to share with you some of my inspiration thus far. We're really in the beginning stages -- as in, there's actual construction that needs to be done -- but thinking about the final product gets me through the more tedious stuff. Like, replacing the back door. But I'm hoping this inspiration dump will help me move on to actual planning. And actually replacing that door!

I want this room to be white. It's actually a pretty dark space and goal  number 1 is a  light, airy and relaxing room. Like the room above.

Or, like this room. I love the pops of blue and green. That is goal number 2: bring the outdoors in so it appears to be more of an outdoor room, rather than a screened porch. This will happen through both pops of color + actual plants.

Probably, not surprising, I love the pop of yellow here. And also, all the lovely green leaves.

Goal number 3 is that this will be a comfortable *dining room* for us, friends and family during the warm summer months.

I could sit here for hours.

And, lastly, goal number 4 is a finished room that will have more of a romantic edge. Lots of candle light and twinkle lights and laid-back atmosphere.

Thanks for listening to my idea/inspiration dump! Make sure you check back in -- I'll be updating as we go along.

** beautiful images via Desire to Inspire and House Beautiful**

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