Happy friday! To celebrate the weekend, I wanted to share some of the things that I've really been loving this week. 


Oregon can be kinda gloomy and rainy in the winter. I am LOVING the sun we've had all week. Feels like my vitamin D levels are kicking back up to normal.

{flower button}

My new favorite accessory. I bought this as a little gift for myself earlier in the month. I've practically worn it every day this week. LOVE!

{the olympics}

Along with everyone else, right? I love the competition and seeing what these amazing athletes can accomplish. And, I can't help it. I tear up when I watch an awards ceremony. Every. Single. Time. Which is a little awkward when you're watching an awards ceremony at the gym and you're working out next to a perfect stranger tough guy. Just sayin.


I started taking yoga classes this week, after a few years off of organized classes. I'm completely loving it and my body feels so amazing.


This quaint little farm in Oregon makes the best.caramels.ever. Seriously. We have some in our house right now and they are amazing. Especially the salted lavendar and cayenne caramels. Oh yum.

I'd love to hear from you all ... what are some things that you're loving this week?


  1. - Having the bed to myself. But this will likely change after a few more nights without DF.
    - Finding ways to get the costs down on the wedding programs!
    - Etsy.com
    - Spa days
    - LOST

  2. I also, always tear/choke up when they interview the athlete right after they'v learned that they won and during the awards ceremony. The emotion that came through the screen from Lindsay Vonn was so touching...so happy for her!!


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