{inspired} decorating for Christmas

So, am I the ONLY one in blog land who hasn't even begun decorating for Christmas? :) 

We don't even pull the decorations out until this week. I never realized just how much I compartmentalize my holidays until I became a blogger. I have no Christmas creativity until AFTER Thanksgiving. So, this week I've been thinking a lot about how I'll decorate this weekend. I usually go for lots of red, white and greens. Traditional Christmas colors. But this year I want to do things a little different. 

Here's the color scheme I've worked up:

Wood grains, turquoise, greens, white, gold (yes, that's gold? I have NO idea how to make gold in photoshop. Obviously ;), and a hint of red accents.

I'm going to be working a lot with what I already have and making the rest. I see a weekend full of crafting/decorating. And maybe a little shopping on the side ;).

Here are some of the images/items that have been inspiring my Christmas scheme so far.

Are you all done with your decorating? How will you be decorating for the holidays this year? Taking any color risks?


  1. Great color ideas! I know whatever you decide, it will look beautiful :)

  2. I'm all done decorating...I finished last Sunday. Tree's up...stockings are hung :) I'm decorating pretty safe this year: rainbow colors :) White lights on the tree...I heart gold alot.

    I love all your inspiration.

  3. Totally done decorating in time for my annual cookie exchange this weekend. I actually decorated my mantle this year which is definitely a step above what I normally do.

  4. I bet your home is so cute during the holidays:)! It's such a fun time to decorate...hoping you post pics of your Christmas decor!

  5. I was going to ask you how you do those fun circular color swatches but you already got it for me...Photoshop! I should put Photoshop on my Christmas list! I've gotten a few things out but I'll be decorating more this weekend. Surface area is light around our home, so it won't be much. I like to decorate our railing leading to the second floor and of course the tree too. I see some of your Thanksgiving crafts transitioning over to Christmas - how great!


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