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Happy Monday friends! Did you all have a good weekend? My super long weekend was so relaxing and fantastic!

I've been noticing all the gift guides around blog-land this morning! I love reading gift guides. I always end up with ideas for gifts and ideas for myself :). I'm not going to put together a gift guide, mostly because I don't presume to have any idea what's cool for the holidays. But, I might share MY wish list, just for fun. Today, though, I wanted share something very dear to thus Portlanders heart: Crafty Wonderland.

Do you have craft fairs where you live? I LOVE craft fairs, and Portland has so many during the holiday season. Of them all though, Crafty Wonderland is my favorite. They feature the best of the best in handmade gifts and each year I spend hours exploring and meeting artists at the show. This year is even more amazing in Crafty-land because they opened a pop-up shop for the holidays in downtown Portland. Last week I popped over to check it out, and it was completely outstanding. The merchandise displays alone are worth the trip, if you're in the area. 

But I know a lot of you are NOT in the area. So I thought I'd share with you a few wonderful stores/artists I discovered on my trip to the pop-up shop. Now you can visit their websites and be delighted as well!

Neapolitan Printing Co.
I love these chocolates. So adorable. And, would make such a great stocking stuffer! Or a great addition to a quirky family Christmas photo. They also make completely delicious-looking truffles. Yum!

Rachel Austin

Okay, I didn't just discover Rachel Austin last week, but I couldn't NOT post about her. I completely love her work and am dying to buy a one. Actually, now that we're talking about it, I'm not sure why I haven't yet! The RVs are new and I'm adore them.

Polly Danger

Polly Danger's iPad cases are so adorable. She has a plethora of great fabric choices and I think they really lighten up the look of technology.

Old School Stationers
I first went crazy for Old School Stationers when I saw one of their works in my friends kitchen. So, I was delighted to see them at Crafty Wonderland this year. Go check them out friends. Their art is cheery and all around just fun.

What artists/stores are you loving this year? Please share in the comments so we can all check them out! :)


  1. OMG the chocolate mustaches are hilarious! I can see my husband playing with those for hours before devouring it =) Normally the poor cat is subject to having her tail yanked over his face while he does funny accents. Man, my family is weird =)

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  2. allo friend! I too was at a craft fair this weekend! Nathalie-Roze from our class held her annual Crafternoon Tea, and it was amazing! Picked up a bunch of little things, but can't share most as they are gifts :P haha! So glad you had a nice crafty weekend <3

  3. Oh wow...okay, I don't know what I like the most. This is AMAZING! I think I'm going to have to check out the stationers first....then the Ipad case!

  4. How neat does all of this look!?!?!

    We don't really have craft fairs in li'l Beaufort [SC] but the online handmade industry is just bursting at the seams with such goodness!

    {Personal Question}
    Are the little "tape"s from Katrina?
    I downloaded them and cannot figure out how to use them. Do you have to have Photoshop?

  5. great post! i'm loving those chocolate mustaches and the little cards going with them.

    your blog is lovely, all the renos, DIYs, recipe heavens...you're giving me tonnes of insp and a soft gaze! thank you.

    we have a few wintery craft fairs here but one of them caught on fire recently and partly burnt down - yikes. it was all over the local news, so relieved we weren't there that day, what a scare.

  6. I'd love to visit a craft fair one day, even though I am not that crafty ;-)
    I love the iPad case. I hopped over to see if she has any for iPhone, but I didn't see any. Nice shop though.

  7. Thanks for the comments friends!
    @Jennifer -- love it! My family is super weird too :).
    @Lynn -- That's so sad! So much goodness gone!
    @Becca -- yes the tape is from Katrina. I'm having fun playing :). But, I do have Photoshop. I just downloaded Picassa recently, but haven't had a chance to play and figure out if it works there.
    @Marianne -- Crafty fairs are for the uncrafty ;)

  8. Beyond obsessed with the Old School Stationers, how have I never seen this before?


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