{inspired} mood board monday

It's that time again! Mood board Monday! This is my favorite link party ... I love that it stretches me to be creative and think outside the box. For this one, our lovely host Sarah chose a few different chairs for us to build a room around.

I chose this amazing chair, because really, how gorgeous is IT?!

I was having trouble coming up with an "imaginary" room for this lovely to live, so instead this mood board is based in reality. As most of you know, my family has a beach house. And my mom and I've been brainstorming ways to update my bedroom there, and so this moodboard is a jumping off point for that room. We already own the seagrass headboard, and the side tables and dresser are very similar to what is already there. We've been talking about using PB's blue stripe duvet on the bed, so I used these things as a jumping off point to add in the gorgeous chair and update the room.

  1. Colors. The walls will be a nice, bright, warm white. And, we'll incorporate accents of blues, pinks/corals.
  2. Seagrass headboard.
  3. Blue stripe bedding. Will use the shams and the duvet, so roll up at the end of the bed.
  4. White quilt. Will be the main bedding. It adds a lovely dose of neutral and texture.
  5. Pillows Pink flower pillow
  6. Wall art  So, so gorgeous. A beautiful water painting that doesn't scream: I'm at the beach!
  7. Pendant lights  To hang over each side table.
  8. Side tables 
  9. Mirror. Lovely. A little beachy, but not too "theme-y"
  10. Dresser 
  11. Blue Chair
  12. Floor lamp To create a cozy little nook around the chair. Perfect for curling up with a blanket (see #13) and a book.
  13. Blanket
  14. Pink flower pillow
Make sure you visit Pewter and Sage to check out all the incredibly creative mood boards! And, make sure you check back on Wednesday for kitchen remodel progress. Let's just say we had a very productive weekend :)


  1. This is beautiful, Jenn! There's so much I love about the space you're creating: 1)the fact that you make it beachy without screaming beach! 2) the way you make the chair seem less formal by all the other elements you add to the room and 3)at the same time, the chair adds something really chic and elegant to the space. Lastly, I absolutely love the artwork. So cool and colorful. Looking forward to seeing how the real room comes together!

  2. So perfect with the seagrass headboard and color story, a great cottage look. Are you going to go for the chair...for real?!!!! Hope so, it looks fab!

  3. Love this color combo. It's great for the seaside!

  4. I love this not-so-beachy beach room! I think it definitely gives a nautical feel and love all the texture throughout the room. I want those pendants! They are so great!!

  5. What a great mood board. I love that chair. Great jumping off point.

  6. I feel relaxed already, when is our trip? LOL You should get the chair for your place, it totally makes the space!

    House on Rene

  7. Oooh Jenn! What a great idea - and I agree with Erin. I love that the chair doesn't feel formal at all in this setting - it's got quite the laid back vibe which is so cool. And I found a new Etsy seller too with that great artwork so thanks for that. Do you love Etsy as much as I do? I wish there was an easy way to search and follow favorites, do you know what I mean? I hope you post updates as this room evolves - what a fun project to work on with your Mom. And of course I can't wait to hear more about the progress you've made on the kitchen.

  8. Hi, Jenn! Sorry I'm so late to the party!! But thank you so much for playing along, and with this gorgeous room! I am literally slapping myself on the forehead for not connecting this blue and white chair with a beachy room!! I'm an idiot, I totally gave up on it cause I had no idea what to do with it:( And it fits perfectly here. Like I want to just transport this entire space to my parent's house on Cape Cod:) Its so cool that you could work this into a real space, I love that! I really like the pillows, the bedding, that cute bird lamp, the mirror...ok, basically the whole thing. Sign me up! And I'm still mad I didn't think of it myself;)


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