{renovate} a behind the scenes look

Friends, I have a little behind-the-scenes and funny little video for you on this friday morning. 

Remember when we demoed our kitchen a few weeks ago? And by we, I mean Chris and his friend Jonathan? Well, it turns out they made a little video. I like to think of it as their audition for HGTV.

*If you're viewing this via reader, you need to click few to watch the video.
** Some people are having trouble viewing the video -- I apologize! It's really awesome and I'm not a savvy enough blogger to know WHY some people are seeing it and some aren't. For example, I can see it on every machine and program I've tried. Which makes it really hard to fix. But I'm sorry. Please come back and visit tomorrow for non-video stories :)

It's short and there might be a curse word or two. If you're at work, you've been warned :).

I think it's entertaining because it's my kitchen and my friend, but I hope you find it entertaining as well! Would YOU watch this show on TV?? :)

Happy friday! I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!


  1. Oh no, the video won't open :(

  2. bawahahahahaahahahahaaaa!!!!! That is AWESOME!!! F it! It's time for a beer. LOL!! Those silly boys! Have a great weekend friend!

  3. I can only imagine...must be quite a show. I can't see the video either. How is your progress coming along?

  4. Aw I can't see it either. Lame! But imagine It's really funny :)


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