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In the ongoing saga of the kitchen remodel, we moved a HUGE step forward this week. We have walls again! 

Even though we're really excited to be doing the majority of the kitchen remodel ourselves, we did hire a contractor to do the drywall. I firmly believe that even if you CAN do it, doesn't mean you should be doing. We weighed the cost vs. the amount of time it would take Chris and for us, it was worth it to pay the money. The contractors we hired sheet-rocked, taped and {lightly} textured both rooms in ONE DAY. Holy smokes! It was so fast! Chris and friends were worried it would take them a few weekends. Neither of us felt like holding the project up to save a little money.

Plus, the contractors did an AMAZING job! Seriously, I was so impressed. And even better, they were great to work with, responsive and clean. If anyone in Portland is looking for a recommendation, let me know and I'll send you their contact info.

See that hole in the wall? That's where our new oven is going! That spot was formerly an ex-ironing board that was collecting dust. Cute, but VERY nonfunctional.

In all the photos you can also see all our new can lights (!). With the white walls and the new lights, the kitchen is so much brighter all ready. I'm in love.

Next up, we'll be tackling the floors. I'm a little concerned, honestly, because that green paper all over the floor is super glued with the strongest super glue I've ever encountered. Hopefully we'll figure it out this weekend. I'll let you know what we come up with, but painting is quickly becoming my favorite option.

If you're just joining us and would like to catch up with our kitchen remodel, you can read all about it here: kitchen mood board here and here, kitchen issues, kitchen demo, opening up a wall and kitchen lighting plan.


  1. This looks great so far! Bright and open! I love it!!

  2. Lookin' good, Jenn! I've often wished we could just hire somebody to finish off our reno...that's amazing they did all that in one day! So happy for you:) Happy painting!

  3. It looks so nice and bright. Are you doing the standing and staring thing a lot yet? (and smiling) I did that a lot if I didn't tell you 10 times already - ha.

  4. It's looking great - I love that it's so open and bright in there now!

  5. It's all coming together quite nicely. And that oven nook is the perfect solution!

    We pulled up a bit of our bathroom tile (vinyl) and all I saw was glue, glue, glue. It scared the bejeezus out of me so I'm curious to see what solution you guys come up with (that I can attempt to copy). :-)

  6. That looks amazing. Don't give up on your floors yet. We had a lot of super glue on our living room floor and had a contractor look at it. He sanded and refinished the floors and they look like new. You would never know that there were once full of glue. I'd say give it a try.

    Happy Renovating!!!

  7. Looking good! We hope to do a very similar gutting to our kitchen in the next few years. Would love your drywall contractor contact!

    1. The company is Continental Drywall and the person we worked with was Santiago Flores (I actually think he's the owner) and we were both super impressed with both how well he communicated with us (called if running late, showed up when he said he would, etc), but also the quality of the finished product. his number is 503-642-0262.

  8. Looks great!! I have been looking for a good and reliable contractor and would love the info!

  9. JENN! This looks awesome! There is so much more light already! Love it friend!

  10. Oh, yeah, baby!!! This looks so good, Jenn!! Love the arches and the lights, it definitely looks more open and bright in here. It must be such a good feeling to start to see it come together now, like concrete changes!!! Awesome, so excited for you! I totally would not have DIYed drywall either:)

  11. wow! Isn't it crazy what some walls can do!

    Your kitchen looks so good already - I just cannot wait to see more!

    p.s. I went through the same thing with my floors. I used all sorts of chemicals trying to get the glue up, and in the end, do you know what worked? Just soap and water and a bristly broom brush.


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