{inspired} winter color palettes

Today feels like a great day to talk about color palettes, don't you agree? If you've been following along, I have blue on the mind lately. It's a very happy coincidence that there's so much blue in stores right now! It's such a nice cool-toned color for winter and I love that both of color palettes below would transition nicely into spring.

Winter color palette #1.

I love the layered blues in both this outfit and the room. A huge dose of white keep both really fresh and clean and the varied shades of a single color adds a ton of depth.

Winter color palette #2.

I actually own this top and it is so amazing in person. The colors are gorgeous. I love how both the table setting and the room take a different spin on the same color palette and are still both amazing. The table setting is a little more glam; the room is a little more preppy. I totally love them both.

Friends, which color palette is your favorite? What color are you completely digging right now?

**Each season I take a look at an outfit I'm loving and translate that outfit's color palette into a comfortable and stylish room. If you’d like to check out previous color palette posts see: fall color palettes, summer color palettesspring color palettes, winter color palettes, fall color palettes, summer color palettes, and spring color palettes.


  1. I love the richness of that second palette and that shirt is really cute - I'm sure you look smashing in it. And you must be reading my mind because I was just thinking about color and color palettes this morning, so don't be surprised if you see another color post from me soon as well.

  2. I love that first room so much! All the white with pops of color is so refreshing, plus it would just be fun because you could always change out the accessories and get a "new" room. Loved this post!

  3. I love the first one! Very fresh. As for the shirt, you need to wear it and then post on my blog! :)

  4. Love the mint and blue, so different from what I have in my home. And I'' with Holly, I'll bet you look smashing in that top...!


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