{inspired} summer color palettes

I realize that summer "officially" starts on June 21. And, there are a lot of place across the U.S. that have been basking in hot warm summer sun since before then. But we're a little slower here in Oregon. It's a general rule that Oregon summers - the sun, warm weather - don't begin until after July 4th. Seeing as how we've had nearly two weeks of perfectly sunny mid-80's weather, I think it's safe to say that summer finally here :).

All this to say ... it's time to look at summer color palettes! For those of you newer readers, each season I take a look what's on my to-wear wish list, and then translate that into a comfortable and stylish room.

Summer Color Palette #1

Summer Color Palette #2


Summer Color Palette #3

Friends, which look is your favorite? Obviously, I LOVE coral right now. But I'm also really digging blues and greens. I think I would take them all :)

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  1. #1!!!! I am obsessing over corals and oranges right now! That first photo is perfect!

  2. Oh gosh, I love all of those rooms, Jenn!! I think the coral and grey is the most unexpected for me and would probably be the hardest for me to decorate with since its outside my comfort zone:)

  3. I'm actually digging #2 the navy and white - it's timeless and can really move around with other colors.

  4. I'm really loving super bright colors like yellow and orange, which is kinda funny because usually I am more of a blue or brown kind of girl. And summer is my favorite season so summer-y posts are always welcome. :)

  5. The coral and gray is a beautiful combination. I think I like it better on clothes, but I'd rather live in a room with cool tones. Great inspiration!

  6. I choose #1, with a splash of #2 thrown in for fun! Great colors!


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