blanket curtains

Happy Monday all!

Hanging a blanket as a curtain is kind of ghetto, right? Well, that's exactly what I did this weekend. On friday, I previewed my weekend projects, one of which was making curtains for our dining nook.

Above is the before. This little area is incredibly bright and sunny. When the sun hits the yellow walls the room glows and is my favorite spot for morning coffee. Unfortunately, we share a drive way with our neighbors and can see pretty much everything that happens in their kitchen and dining room. Which means they can see directly into our house as well. Luckily, we like our neighbors! But, we still thought a little privacy was in order. 

The problem? We didn't want to compromise on the amazing light this little room receives.  The solution? A gauzy, light IKEA blanket sewn into cafe curtains. I bought the blanket on a whim, and had no idea if this would even work. But, you know what? I'm pretty happy with the results:

The room still get a tremendous amount of light. The curtains are sheer enough that they let light in, but still offer up an amount of privacy. Plus the ruffle-y texture creates a soft billowy look that I'm completely loving.

Here's a close-up of the texture. Now, the one thing I will tell you guys is this fabric was a little frustrating. I tweeted about it yesterday (are you all following me on twitter?!).  The texture makes it really hard to sew a straight line. Luckily, the texture and the gauzy nature of the material also made it very forgiving once hung. You really can't tell that most lines aren't straight.

All-in-all, we're really happy with the results. And, it's just another project I can add to my list of repurposed IKEA products :).

And, I can't sign off without a close-up of the tulips my super-sweet mom gave me for Valentine's Day! The great spring flowers on the table in friday's post (and the first pic in this post) were not feeling their prettiest today and asked not to be photographed. The tulips were eager to take their place.


  1. Hi, Just found your blog and I am really enjoying reading about all your projects!

    I really like this curtain project but can you share how you did the hanging of the curtains here? Or where you got the wire and clips? It's really cute the way they kind of swoop down. Thanks!

  2. Hi Katy!

    The wire is actually a piece of twine and the clips are from IKEA. I simply secured the twine with thumb tacks and the hooked the clips on. It was originally a temporary solution, but I also really like the look, so it has stayed!


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