{renovate} coffee table

Happy friday friends! What are your fun plans for the weekend? Any great projects lined up?

So, you know how white is prominently featured online? White rooms, white couches, white tables? I love looking at those rooms -- so peaceful! -- but I never really thought white was for me. I always lean more towards color and black. But then, I painted my fireplace white. It completely changed my perspective.

So today, I'm sharing a before and after project I finished this summer.

I bought our coffee table (see above) at a garage sale a couple years ago for pennies. It was really scratched up, but I loved the storage. Two drawers + a basket? Yes, please. So I threw a table runner over the top to hide the majority of the scratches and called it good.  

Note: obviously, that photo isn't in my living room. I thought I had photos of the table in the living room, but it turns out they were lost when my computer crashed earlier this year. Awesome. So I snapped pics when I happened to run across the table in the store. Which is perfect, because now I can actually share a before and an after!

While I should have been working on the back porch this summer, I decided that I couldn't live another day with the table as is. And yes, it was probably that dramatic. Poor Chris. So I bought a can of spray paint, and created this:

Aah, so much better. The color is Rust-Oleum's Heirloom White and the new pulls I'd picked up on sale this spring at Anthropologie.

I'm completely inspired by all of Camilla, of High Heeled Foot in the Door's, grass cloth DIY. In a nod to this table, we layed a grass cloth center to create a little added interest. I think this is my favorite part.

I was actually completely surprised what a white piece of furniture did for the room. Since it's such a heavy piece -- both optically and in reality -- the white actually lighted it so much. We completely love it.

Who knew white furniture could have such an impact? Okay, probably everyone but me :). 

Now, I would love to put some sort of label in the pull. How cute would that be? But I can't think of anything! So, the question friends, is what word(s) should I put in the labels? There are four! I would love to heard your ideas.

**1/11 update: I've added this to Primitive and Proper's POWW party. Hop over to check out all the awesome entries!


  1. Just found your blog-- love it! Your table looks wonderful! I love the color and the label handles. I think I'd put something whimsical on them like "yin" and "yang." :)

  2. Love the table. I vote for the word "space" in the label. kinda clever, kinda sarcastic, kinda funny, but in your cool handwriting it would look great.

  3. You could just put numbers in the vintage typewriter font!

  4. SWOONING! literally swooning over this! SO great Jenn!

    I picked up a heavy looking old table off the side of the road years back but then got rid of it after not doing anything with it for a while, only to eventually realize i should have slicked some white paint on it and it would have been perfect in our living room. Sad story :( BUT seeing you do something like this only inspires me to keep looking for the prefect piece to recreate and add to our decor! GO YOU! :) xo

    ps: buoy bird loves you and your company! thanks you!

  5. pps: added you to my blogroll today :) how could I not!? :)

  6. I love your blog, I follow you...and now I have created a blog, the beginnings are difficult, haha, but I'm inspired by blogs as creative as yours...
    The table is just perfect, thanks for sharing!

  7. Those are great ideas all! Thanks! @Krafty Kat, I really like the numbers idea.
    @Vikki and @Itzi, thanks for the super nice comments -- totally made my sunday! :)

  8. I love those pulls. Makes me think of this DIY card catalog project I saw somewhere last week.

    Inspire. Create. Live. Love.

  9. Love your table and I am swooning over your red door!!

  10. it looks beautiful and so fresh! love the grasscloth and the pulls!

  11. What a difference the white made! Genius to add the grasscloth! Very unique and beautiful!


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