{inspired} nature is callling

Maybe it's my recent floating and camping experiences. Or, maybe it's the fact that my house is a disaster (read: kitchen remodel), but I am craving nature decor. Not cutes-y nature-inspired decor. But, a nature decor that calms your soul -- similar to spending a day hiking along a favorite trail. Nature has a way of making me feel relaxed, alive and inspired all at the same time. It's pretty amazing friends. This is by far not a new theme on the blog. Come on, I have a twig pendant hanging in my bedroom! But, below are my current favorite examples of bringing nature indoors.


  1. So lovely pictures Jenn!!



  2. Woods, metals, green - I think you could certainly add in touches that will give you want you want. More plant life too would be nice. Don't you wish we could just have fresh flowers delivered to the house each day? ;) It's fun how our mindset shifts once we've experienced more things in life too. A friend just showed me a photo of the area in CO where she'll be camping soon and it reminded me of your trip to ID - gorgeous scenery that just doesn't even look real. I need to experience that.

  3. Absolutely love all of this (except for the giant bird...sorry)! Great work friend!

  4. I love the first photo of the giant branches! I try really hard to have fresh flowers or greenery at the least in my house all the time.

    I want that kumquat plant!


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