Paper cuts

Remember making snowflakes in grade school? Folding the paper up super small. Cutting circles, squares, triangles, and lines at whim into the folded paper? Unfolding the paper always revealed a unique and beautiful design. I loved making snowflakes. These are way better than snowflakes. *from Tina Tarnoff* I only discovered paper cutting this Christmas. Isn't is charming?


Home on the . . . farm?

Awhile back, I mentioned I wanted a new kitchen table. It wasn't that I didn't like Chris' kitchen table. It was more that I REALLY didn't like Chris' kitchen table. He felt the same about mine. I also mentioned that I wanted a farm table. I have a minor obsession. Well, we found one we both love. It's perfect. It fits perfectly in our little nook and look amazing with our new woven/wooden chairs. The table is from an antique show. The chairs are from friends. At some point, we'll clean up the paint a little and seal it. The chairs will be painted black or a rich chocolate brown. We both think it's a good compromise.


Happy holidays!

And, a white Christmas? Chris and I are snowed in. I took these pictures yesterday afternoon. Today I can barely see my car. And yes, if you look closely, the entire side is covered with ice. This is our back entrance. About 8 inches of snow covered in a half inch of ice. Fun. It is beautiful though.

And now, the living room

It's as if we have a brand new living room. We've incorporated my furniture, received a beautiful new rug (wedding gift), and painted the living room and hallway. We both agree the house is starting to feel more 'homey'. So here, again, is the before. The living as it stood when I moved in: And, here *drum roll, please* is the after: All decked out with a Christmas tree. Pretty! We used my couch and chair, our awesome new rug and Chris' super comfy leather chair. The wall color is a soft blue-gray. It changes color depending on the light and is very dimensional. We love it. The doors and trim are a warm cream. The colors are more apparent in this picture: Living room to-do list: - Ceiling fan. Or something! - Quarter round moulding. There's still a gap between the floor and baseboards. - Furnace ducts. Period to the house. Next up, our new kitchen table.



I have a new camera. this is good news, and I'm sharing because since the last time I posted I lost two -- TWO -- cameras. Yikes. We've done a lot to the house. W lot. I'm so ansy to share pics! I've officially moved in. Chris and I married in October. Then I tried to unpack. I'm still unpacking. We painted the living room and the hallway. They're both a lovely light blue. Sometimes they look grey. I LOVE the color. Everything looks so clean and fresh. I'm always amazed at how a coat of paint will transform a room. We've arranged the furniture in the living room and have the most beautiful christmas tree now! Unexpectedly, our oven broke. in the middle of making bread. Sad. In looking for a new oven though, we decided to replace the fridge(s) that leaked with one that actually works. So now we have beautiful new updated appliances. So pics of all the fun changes -- including our fun christmas decor -- coming soon!