the story of the green monster

Last week, a terrible event occurred in my kitchen. I made myself a green smoothie to fuel cleaning out our junk drawer {which is liberating, btw}. Half way through cleaning, the smoothie jumped off the counter and spilled all over our rug. Okay, my elbow might have helped. My black and white rug, which I adore, was coated in green. Into the washer it went with lots of oxyclean. It faded, but it didn't come clean. My rug looks like it went rolled in the grass. Sigh.

On a side note, green + white cabinets = super mess. Needless to say, my junk drawer was NOT the other thing that received a thorough cleaning that afternoon.

The thing about this rug is that it's from IKEA. So it was fun and affordable, which is perfect for a rug that takes the chance of collecting projectile green smoothie. The sad part of this story? While the IKEA website still lists the rug, it hasn't been in stock in months and months.
So now I'm on the hunt for a new rug. I really love the graphic nature of this rug. It really draws the eye away from how hideousness of our linoleum. 

My initial thought is that I'd love to try a Flor rug. I've been eyeing Flor ever since I came across this rug. *Love!* Plus, in a kitchen what could be better? The next time there's a smoothie incident I'd just replace a tile! I designed this one on their handy configurator

I love that it' more muted. Specifically, it's pewter/oyster.

What do you guys think? Any experience with Flor? Especially Flor in the kitchen? I don't want a fluffy living room type rug under my sink and I've never seen a Flor in person!


{inspired} pride and prejudice

It all started yesterday when Centsational Girl posted this adorable poster:

I love Pride and Prejudice. And it been on my brain lately, because I'm reading it. Again. So then I couldn't stop thinking about how much I want to see the movie. Again. {Oh, and not the Kiera Knight version. The BBC version. If you've only seen the Kiera version please go rent the BBC version immediately. It will change your life.} But I couldn't just come home and watch it, because I don't own it. {WHY don't I own this?!} Sad. So this collection of inspiration will have to do. For now.

Lyme park house. Where Pemberly was filmed in the BBC version.

The gardens at Pemberly. Magnificent!

I think this is Elizabeth's house. So lovely.

I could live here. This makes me want to watch the movie and go to England. A girl can dream right?

A more modern take on the classic empire waist.

Happy friday friends!

**images via BBC, Design Sponge, JCrew and Anthro**


{inspired} black and white wedding

Even though I've been married for {nearly} a couple years, I still peruse the wedding blogs I looked to for inspiration when I was planning. I LOVED planning my wedding and I still find so much inspiration in wedding styles. Take this wedding for example. I can't. stop. looking.

Impeccable styling.

I love this idea. Would translate well to any party.

This table makes my heart flutter. So beautiful.

Amazing invites.

Sigh. The butterfly's just get me every time.

**Via Style Me Pretty**


{renovate} the farm table

A few eons weeks ago, I mentioned that work was beginning on our farm table! This process took a little {okay, lot} longer than I had originally anticipated. It was by no means difficult, but the multiple coats of paint + sealer took many hours/days drying time. Coupled with work + life, this process took awhile. We also waited a few days in between our last coat and actually using the table. I've made the over-excited-mistake of using furniture before it's completely dry. It's not pretty.

And here is the result:

We love it. It came out exactly as I'd imagined. Chris and I could not agree on the legs. He wanted to leave them. I just couldn't deal with the flaky paint near food. Ick. So we compromised {like all good marriages, right?} and I lightly distressed them.



We completely stripped the table top. What I'd originally thought was one layer, was actually three. Yikes. This added the most time to the project. I used a *green* paint stripper that took a lot longer, but smelled way less offensive. I'll tell you all about it in my next post. Originally I'd planned on staining the table top, but I ended up loving the original wood. The flaws and imperfections were perfection in and of themselves. I didn't want to risk hiding these with stain.



If you look closely here, you can see years of wear on the table. The wood is marred with imperfections the many people try to imitate on new furniture. I love that ours is authentic.


Now, what to do with those BARE walls?


{inspired} numbered up.

Happy Monday!

Did you all have a nice weekend? I had a super long weekend, so I took the opportunity to head to the coast for some r&r. It was lovely.

I have a reveal lined up for tomorrow! So make sure you check and see what I've been working on. For today, I wanted to share these amazing napkins. *Love*.

**see more at Heather Lins Home. found via Decor8**


Top o' the evening to you!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I'm sporting a lovely green pair of shoes for the occasion. How about you? Do you wear green for this *holiday*? I recently did a post on all my green loves, so today I've been thinking a lot about Ireland. The source of all the green goodness and festivities. It is on my list of places I must go before I die, so I did a little digging around on place to stay. There are so inspiring hotels in Ireland. I mean come on . . . castles!? Yes, please. 

Here are my favorites:

Carrig House = omg. look at the location.

Bantry House = ooh. the gardens!

Bally Seede Castle = castle. need I say more?



I don't consider myself a pink girl.I don't really wear pink. I don't decorate with pink. And, I'm not sure I would even decorate a girl's nursery in pink. I have nothing against it. It's just not a color I thought I leaned towards. I was browsing through my Flick favorites the other day and noticed a definite trend: Surprise! Many of the photos I love strongly. feature. pink. It's making me rethink the color a bit. Here are a few of my favorites:


girly ruffles

Hi friends. Sorry for my small absence. I came down with a flu bug last week and by the end of the week it had gotten the best of me. This weekend was fantastic, with just a lot of rest and relaxing. Today? I feel 100% better! 

So, let's talk about ruffles. Kind of girly, right? I think a little dose of girly is okay. Shall we check with Chris and see if he agrees? I am also always harping about texture and I think ruffles can add a fantastic level of depth to a room, when used correctly. Said: sparingly. My new cafe curtains hint at ruffly, without being over the top, and I love them. Oh, and for the record, so does Chris. :)

Can I work here please? I love this office! It's so organized. And, those ruffles just take it to the next level for me.

What a fun addition to a bathroom. I love the white one most. But the colored one would be a bright and cheery addition to your morning routine, no?

And, couldn't you just get lost in these ruffles? This bed is so inviting. I just want to curl up here and spend an afternoon reading a good book. Or catching up on my favorite blogs ;).

What say you? Ruffles, too girly? Or a fun addition to a room.

**Images from Three Men & a Lady, via Made by Girl, and anthro. Of course.**


typography at its finest

I've been following the Daily Drop Cap blog for awhile.

Because, really, how cool is that?!

But I recently came across an article about the blog's author Jessica Hische. She is one talented chic! I was so inspired looking through her work and I wanted to share some of it with you and encourage you to check her out as well. I mean come on. The girl designs her own fonts! Incredible! 

For more from Jessica, check out her website and blog {HERE}.


oh tuesday

This is pretty much my theme for today. Maybe even this week.

Awesome, right?
**From Dear Colleen, via Decor8**