bottled idea

Chris used to collect poison bottles. Super cool, but I'm not sure what to do with them now. How hard would these be to keep dust free? *image from Apartment Therapy*

summer fun

I was already so excited about yard-saling this summer, but THIS: Yard Sale Treasure Map this just puts me over the edge!


inspired gardens

I love *romantic* gardens. Gardens that burst with flowers, leaves, greens and energy. Gardens you feel swallowed up by and that you can get lost in. They feel so cottage-y. This is a little surprising, even for me, because in every other aspect of my life I am very linear. So is Chris. We'll see if we can actually pull of a non-linear yard! Below is our backyard. Not so romantic or inspiring.. Actually not so much of anything! The veggie beds are in the back. The dirt patch in the middle of the yard is our makeshift fire pit. Some would call this *ghetto.* We call it *inventive.* These are yards/gardens I am loving: I love the mix of grass, plants and patio. Grass, at least a little, is a must. Veggie garden aspirations. Love water. photos from House Beautiful and Sunset


curb appeal

When it comes to curb appeal, our house is lacking a bit. Okay, a lot. On the one hand, because of the new paint, the house jumps off the lot and says *look at me!* On the other hand, upon closer inspection, the house is a bit dull and unlively. Yep. Not too exciting. But, last weekend I found a few super cute pots on craigslist for super cheap. Nice. So now upon closer inspection, the house looks welcoming and friendly with spring blooms. It's a good start. Welcome to our home.



I'd really love to have either, or both, of these in my home. They're early inspiration for our current color wheel. *both images, and a great article, from ColourLovers*


on being newly married . . .

. . . and picking your battles. Chris (partially under his breath): I don't know why I bother nesting the measuring cups when they're un-nested all of 30 seconds later. Me: really? You nest the measuring cups? Chris: it's not that hard. Me: I USE them. They un-nest when I USE them. Chris: well . . . Me: REALLY? You're going to get OCD about nesting?


and onto the next project

The weather was fabulous last weekend. It was the perfect for yard work. We're building a garden! I wish this were my garden. But I'm finding lots of inspiration here. Our reality*: Chris built two raised beds. They'll actually be raised one more level than this. *Please disregard the *grass*. It's not pretty. It's not even soft to walk on. It needs lots of love and patience at the moment. And, I filled the beds with dirt. Next weekend they will become the home of lots of lovely veggie plants. On a side note. The treacherous structure you see in the top right corner, just past the two white chairs, is our garage. Oh yes. We own that beauty. That is a project we'll be tackling this summer/fall.


funny story

For Christmas I received the Domino Decorating Book. Love it. With the book came a FREE subscription to Domino Mag. So exciting! But, right after I redeemed my subscription, the mag folded. (Insert frowny here.) I think I received one issue. Since it was free and all, I thought that was the end of the story. Oh was I wrong. On Thursday I received a postcard from the publisher letting me know that I'd now be receiving Glamour. . Really? Maybe I'll start telling you all about how those 131 little ways really DO blast my body!


happy easter!

beautiful flowers yummy flowers basket o' eggs Hope your day is filled with many happies :).


i heart . . .

. . . these chairs, and, this striped porch. swoon. *images from pure style home*



As I've been posting pictures of the house, one thing that is glaringly obvious, to me, is our lack of wall decor. Our walls are barren. We need help. We have some severe decorating differences, but one thing we agree on is typography. We both love typography and fonts. I found the below picture the other day and was smitten. Chris also likes it. We agree! So, why isn't it hanging on our wall? It's HUGE. Too huge, I think. *from Pottery Barn* So, I started hunting on etsy for other typography prints. I apologize, I don't have sources today. They're at work. I'll update the post Monday with links. I really like this one. It's simple. I'm not sure about *Q* though. The above is similar to the Pottery Barn one, but smaller. I know these don't go on a wall, but I heart them none the less. Okay, I got sidetracked. This isn't typography, but I heart it so much I had to include it as a potential for the wall. Happy weekend!