{renovate} landscaping: curb appeal

We're making some big changes to our house's curb appeal.

Of course, our potted flowers are back. A little burst of color is very spring-y and welcoming.

But, we've also been doing a little of this:

We're landscaping our front yard! Last weekend, we rented a sod cutter, tore up a lot of our grass, and sculpted it for plants.

As a reminder, here is how our house looked when I moved in nearly two years ago:

And here it is after nine-hours of crazy hard work:

Confession: I'm a little nervous. I've never landscaped anything and I'm worried it'll look ... weird. But I am excited to get plants planted in the next couple weeks and I'll make sure you're all along for the ride. Hopefully I'll pass along some tips I'm learning to help your landscaping adventures.

I wish you could actually see all the dirt covering these laborer's tired, but happy, faces. It was messy friends.


Texas (!), part 2

I have a story to tell you all. I coordinated a week-long conference. And then, my brain turned to mush. For about two weeks. The end.

So, when we last chatted, I was telling you about my fantastic trip to Texas!

You see, while the botanical gardens and downtown Fort Worth were fantastic, the real reason behind our jaunt to Texas was so that I could be in one of my dear friends weddings! I love seeing my friends happy and being in there weddings is truly an honor. 

Plus, I love getting all glammed up! It doesn't happen near enough in my *real life*.

Special occasion hair = wow. It's not like I haven't been through it before. But I forget. My hair is still recovering nearly a month later. I get my hairs cut today. FINALLY.

The wedding was completely ah-maaaz-ing. And the bride was so beautiful!

And the flowers, quite possibly my favorite decoration ever? Completely gorgeous, of course.

I love the pops of black in these anemones. So unique and really complementary to our black dresses.

The room glowed, friends. With the windows, mirrors, chandeliers and candles the reception was stunning and completely elegant.

I love a good wedding theme.  Both bride and groom are big readers, so this wedding's theme was *A love story* and the bride wove the theme seamlessly from the initial announcement through the big day. So it was only fitting that on half the table vintage *love stories* were used as centerpieces. No two books in the room were the same. Perfection.

And of course I have to show you the cakes. 

Yum! One was beautiful ...

... and the other so clever!

It was such a great ending to a super fun trip.