happy long weekend!

*from BL1961* We're off to the beach for the long weekend! We'll be surrounded by family and good, good friends. And, I'm looking forward to relaxing, reading, laughing, eating and more relaxing. Long weekends are good. I've been a little quiet lately, but I've been hard at work. After the long weekend I'll have a fun before and after to unveil. Enjoy!


all bottled up

I love bottles. I have them all over the house and they're still the first thing I reach for at flea markets and antique stores. But, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I wasn't sure about a large bottle display. How could I say no to these? Turn-of-the-century poison bottles. How cool are these? Plus, Barb, over at Knack Studios commented that I should. How can I say no to Barb? Really? Everything she touches turns BEAUTIFUL. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. Right. Now. Well, after you finish this post. So, now they have a home in our kitchen. I like them. Alot.


functional garden art

How cute would these look in an garden? Way better than the flimsy plastic markers that come with the plants! Cool product can be found at Plants & Edibles* *As seen on Design Sponge*



And, we officially have a garden! We built the beds last weekend. Today, we added veggies: - a couple different varieties of tomato -- early girl, roma and sweet cherry - walla-walla onions. yum. - red peppers - burpless cucumbers - cilantro - basil - and rosemary I'll update with the progress. I felt all grown up knowing I'm fully responsible for keeping these alive. It's like how some people get a dog to gauge if they should have kids. We're taking very mini steps. We're growing veggies to practice for our dog. We caught our *neighborhood* stray cat digging a hole in one of the beds tonight. So, maybe their well being is out of my control! Anyone have ideas how to keep cats out of the veggies? I'd love to hear them.