The end of an era ...

That's right. Google reader is dying tomorrow! I know you've probably all taken care of transferring your readers already (and it's easy!), but just in case, I made it super easy for you to continue following me with bloglovin'. Click on the link, or, there's a new button on the right.

Oh, and I realize I've been quite absent the past couple months, but I promise you don't want to go away. I'll be making a state-of-the-blog address tomorrow, followed by updated and new (!) kitchen chairs, an amazing nursery (not mine - that's definitely not why I've been absent ;), living room chairs and more. 

Now, I'm going to go cry over having to change my blog reading ways.


{inspired} wine tasting and friends

Friends! How good of a combo is that - wine tasting and friends. I think it might be my favorite! :) I actually have a couple posts all ready to publish, but my camera card reader died. Dead. So that's on my list of things to purchase this week, but in the meantime my wonderful and gorgeous friend Angie did a post on her blog about our wine tasting in eastern Washington last weekend. I highly recommend you check it out. Because not only will there be cute photos of us:

And, while not home related AT ALL, it has me wondering - what type of wine is your favorite? I'm a big red girl - cabs FTW! - but I live in Pinot Noir country. So, tasting in eastern Washington was especially delightful. Are you all about Pinots? Chards? What about Merlots? White vs. reds? I'd love to hear! :)