{therapy session}: melamine plates

Apparently, I have a new addiction. The first stop is admitting the problem, right? Well, I can't stop buying melamine plates! Because if you have a new table on a new back porch - whether it's finished or not - you need cute plates to eat from. Right?

It all began innocently enough. I saw John Derian for Target online and thought the dinner plates were perfect for the look of the back porch. Plus they're super inexpensive. I didn't know when I'd make it to Target next, and I didn't know if they'd even have them in stock, so I went ahead and ordered them.

Things went downhill soon after. Even before my plates arrived, I was at Anthro and saw these:
On. Sale. Are there two more glorious words at Anthro? Plus they're adorable. Plus they go with the other plates I ordered. Yes, these were my justifications to my sweets hubs who can't figure out why I need extra plates. Boys. 

After that I was all set. Super happy. Ready to serve dinner. And then I actually went into Target last week.
Oh my. I was a goner when I saw the appetizer/dessert plates. I tried to not put them in my basket, but alas they are at my home now too.

The plus side of all this? Besides that there are worse things to be addicted to? They look completely darling together and I am so excited to use them. In fact, I may be using them indoors this winter, just so I can bust them out. 

Anyone want to come to dinner? :) 


{inspired} clever centerpiece

I plan a lot of events in my real life. One of my favorite parts? Table centerpieces (of course!). I love when planners creatively bypass flowers as the only centerpiece option.

So I had to share with you the super creative centerpieces from a fundraiser lunch I attended this afternoon. Can you guess the fundraiser topic?

{please disregard the photo quality -- taken with my phone in a very dim room!}

The base of all the centerpieces were books covered in a variety of bright colored paper. From there, school supplies were added, including lunch pails, thermos, glue, ruler, pencils, etc.

They were so adorable and cheery! And yes, I got some really weird looks when I started taking pictures at my table and the next table over :).



Happy Monday friends!

Please don't be alarmed at the state of my blog at the moment: I'm in the middle of playing around with a new layout. I really hate clutter/disarray so I hope to be finished shortly :).