is it september?!

it's been awhile! we've been busy, but not so busy working on the house. not that there isn't plenty to do (there is). but wedding is taking priority till october. these decorating tips are from rita konig. i have no idea who she is, but the tips are great. so, i'm sharing. they can be found at frolic . Decorating tip #1 "Don't think that you need to decorate in one go. Decorating a house takes a while and it always looks better when it has evolved over time. You will also be able to afford much nicer things if you do this." ** Chris and i need to tatoo this to each other's foreheads. then, when we get excited about all the projects we're working on, we might have restraint. Decorating tip #2 "It doesn't necessarily follow that if everything in the room is beautiful you end up with a beautiful room. I think the best rooms are those that have a mix of things and an ugly lamp with a crooked shade, or an inherited table or the rug from your childhood bedroom. These are the things that add texture and life to a room." ** one of my most favorite things is an ancient stained glass lamp from my great aunt. my entire family hates it. i love it and it adds life to whatever rooms it's in. Decorating tip #3 "Comfort is terribly important. A good room for me is one that i want to sit down in, with a drink and a friend for a chat. If it is somewhere you want to hang out then it is a good room." ** yep. Decorating tip #4 "The wall colour and the curtains are simply the canvas on which to build the rest of the room, the decoration comes as much from the things in a room rather than from the items that we traditionally think of as the 'decoration'." ** i like this one. we don't have curtains or wall color. yet. Decorating tip #5 "When you are decorating a room think about how you want to use it, i know this sounds a bit strange, like yeah a kitchen is to cook in, but is a sitting room going to be for slobbing out and watching TV and having TV suppers, or will you be trying to seat 12 people in there when you have people over for supper. This will help enormously with how you design the room. Be very honest with yourself and don't try to get a room to fulfill too many functions, it gets very small and cluttered very quickly that way!"

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